Someone Bought This: WWE Gingerbread Man Ornaments

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Crapper Paul Oparka writes:

WWE Gingerbread Man ornaments. If they were real gingerbread, it would be tough to bite into the Roman Reigns cookie, it’s very strong.

I love these things! They have like 15 or 20 different WWE superstars available! This is an example of “Cute Wrestlecrap”.

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3 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WWE Gingerbread Man Ornaments"
  1. John C says:

    There was rumored to be a Val Venis cookie in which he was going to provide his own special frosting. The p.r. department released the statement before a deal could be finalized so it became a case of premature annunciation.

  2. #OPC says:

    I really would have liked the real gingerbread cookies for Rusev Day.

  3. 80s Guy says:

    I actually bought the Braun Strowman one during a clearance sale….

    The Gingerbread among us, indeed.

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