Someone Bought This: The NWO Hotline is expensive- Jeff Katz has to eat too, you know!

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WCW NWO Hotline 1997 ad

From The WCW Worldwide blog comes this 1997 ad for the NWO Hotline!

And it only costs $1.59 a minute!

Not $1.59 for the first minute and $.99 for each additional minute- just $1.59 a minute, period!

If I may quote Bryan Alvarez- “No buys!”.

Thanks to the stupid font I read that one name as “The Homad” instead of “The Nomad”. I still don’t know who The Nomad or The Phantom were supposed to be.

I was so hoping they’d call Jeff Katz’ segment “Katz Scratch Fever”.

Check out the very last line of the ad- I like that it will in fact work if you happen to be living in 1973 and only have a rotary phone.

Rotary telephone

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13 Responses to "Someone Bought This: The NWO Hotline is expensive- Jeff Katz has to eat too, you know!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    The Phantom? I hope that he is not related to the Black Scorpion of WCW fame or the Midnight Rose’s buddy, the Black Friday Scorpion

  2. Zac Campbell says:

    When my family moved into my grandmother’s house in the summer of 98 I had to use a rotary phone for the first few months

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Wow, your Grandma didn’t have a touch tone phone in 1988?!

      • Zac Campbell says:

        She was very old school and stuck in her ways, for instance when we left the porch light on she said “You’re wasting my electricity” as if it was in limited supply

  3. John C says:

    “Hey yo, we made are ad so cool that you can’t even read it man. Just call anytime and you’re gonna get something at random cause hiw you going to know what you tried to hear about. That Scheme Gene thinks he’s something with his legible ad well we’re going to carve that up. Survey says, one more for the bad marketing department.”

  4. Geoff says:

    And neither did he have a touch tone phone in 98!!!

    On another note: wasn’t the phantom that wrestling magician guy. I think his name was Fantasio or something (maybe Fan-table lol) He only wrestled for a few months before WCW decided to change his gimmick.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Phantasio wrestled in one match on WWF TV. I don’t think he wrestled in WCW but I could be wrong I guess.

  5. Raven7309 says:

    Never called this hotline, but I did call the old WWF one from my friend’s church a few times. His mom was the church treasurer and could never figure out what the 1-900 number was.

  6. The Doctor of Style says:

    This was a successful time for Scott Hall, but you have to wonder if he felt like a fool, stuck playing pseudo-Razor Ramon in WCW, complete with toothpick. And didn’t that lock of hair make him itchy?

  7. John Q Occupier says:

    My parents only got a digital phone in about… 2008? One of their cats knocked the old rotary one to the floor and smashed it beyond repair- I like to think it was done on purpose.

    Also, Jeff Katz? What, the scientist? :-/

  8. CP says:

    I actually had a working rotary phone in my house until 2001 when we finally unhooked it. When they went to 10 digit dialing, oh boy did your finger hurt.

  9. MistaMaddog says:

    The rotary phone thing? I remembered modern phones having a switch for rotary dial tones cause a few places out in the country didn’t support touch tones. So the ad is saying there’s no “Press 1 for…” type stuff, which means happier times back then!

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