Someone Bought This: Need a calculator? Need a mouse pad?

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WWF Calculator Mouse Pad Mousepad Mousemt

Look what I found!

It’s a combination calculator and mouse pad.

What a weird combination.

Can you imagine using this in College or in the office? Talk about embarrassing…

This looks like the kind of cheap gift you’d get for opening a new account at a bank.

This is… not as significant a combination of things as when they found out chocolate and peanut butter taste good together.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ad

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Need a calculator? Need a mouse pad?"
  1. The Doctor of Style says:

    This must be what Paul Heyman used to calculate paychecks for ECW. The cheap, unresponsive keys are why his math was off sometimes…

  2. John C says:

    Wonder how many times Vince would call Kevin Dunn into the office to show him that you can use the numbers to spell boobs?

  3. Steve says:

    I know this item is pretty lame product but for a moment it brought me back to the late 90’s when wrestling really ruled over pop culture. ‘Austin 3:16 shirts’ were ubiquitous, WCW wrestlers were popping up on MTV Spring Break (still very much a big deal back then), the Rock was hosting SNL, your local bowling lane had Monday Nitro leagues where people brandished nWo balls and team shirts, a Friday night screening of ‘Beyond the Mat’ at your local multiplex was sold out, and every store from Walmart to Walgreens seemed to carry silly stuff like the bizarre item shown above…along with Kevin Nash pillows, DX keychains, Goldberg toothbrush holders, and anything other colorful item you could slap a brand on. It was a golden time to be a wrestling fan and you couldn’t blame a kid who was coming up in that era to just assume it was always going to stay that way.

  4. Samoa Monroe says:

    Is it bad I wish I had one of these now .Honestly I use a calculator at my job and it would make alot of sense to have the calculator right there with the mouse pad .

  5. Banj says:

    I had one of these!
    It was a Smackdown one though and if I remember right it was a steal at £1!

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