Someone Bought This: Jeff Hardy Creature inside-out face paint shirt

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TNA Jeff Hardy Creature inside out shirt

Crapper Paul S. found this… uh… unique Jeff Hardy shirt and writes:

“Ask me about my creature?” What’s that supposed to mean. Wait you mean it folds inside out? Why would you want to…



So it’s a shirt you can flip inside-out to make a mask out of it?

Who would wear something like that except for maybe 6 year olds?

Besides, when you have the shirt flipped up, you can’t see because there are no eye holes!

So you end up looking stupid and walking into walls.


Besides, as far as I’m concerned there’s only one Creature and he ain’t wearing no goofy looking face paint, I can tell you that for sure!

Well okay, maybe two if we’re counting Blade’s bootleg Gill-man mask wearing character Scales:

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8 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Jeff Hardy Creature inside-out face paint shirt"
  1. Pcm979 says:

    That shirt would be perfect without the face on the inside, and with an arrow pointing down on the front.

  2. Hashington says:

    I’m pretty sure that if you see someone wearing one of these shirts over their head, you’re legally obligated to punch them in the face.

  3. BaltoJim says:

    It looks like the Great Jeff-holio needs some TP for his bunghole…

  4. Raven7309 says:

    I just got back from a week in Mexico on vacation and I saw something similar to this. A combination wrestling mask-cape. I also bought a Rey Mysterio mask in the colours of the 49ers with the 49ers logo on the front.

  5. Formerly From Tokyo says:

    A shirt that says “I have no identity but Jeff Hardy’s.”

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