Someone Bought This: A Ryback shirt that’s an unfortunate color.

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Ryback long-sleeve brown shirt

Crapper Kieran Hughes writes:

This Ryback shirt is Diarrhea brown.

Indeed it is!

What an unfortunate color to make a shirt… but very appropriate for this here website!

WrestleCrap, indeed.

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: A Ryback shirt that’s an unfortunate color."
  1. John C says:

    Perhaps they should stop feeding him more if he continues to have The Russos all over his shirt. About the best thing I could ever say for Ryback is he could have made a decent /mediocre partner for Vladimir Petrov back in the NWA to feud with Nikita & Dusty. Overall he just never has done for it for me tallking, working, breathing, being, just a 80’s bland musclehead.

  2. Geoff says:

    Good. Then I’m not the only one who thought Ryback is overrated. I see him perform and I think Ultimate Warrior. And he’s going the direction of the Ultimate Warrior as well…. into self destruction

    • John C says:

      Warrior is far better than Ryback could ever dream of. At least Warrior back in the day could entertain me with the goofy promos and the right opponent could get a good match out of him. Ryback could be any of the muscle clods from the 80’s that came and went and you could care a less about the .

  3. John Frink says:

    “Shit brown”? Are ya kiddin me boi? That’s clearly BURNT ORANGE… are yah an Aggie? Don’t disrespect da Horns yo!

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