Someone Bought This: 45 minutes of Sable? Nooooo!

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WWF Sable Unleashed VHS video

In 1998 WWE put out a VHS called “Sable Unleashed”.

Okay, I admit that this SBT has to do with my personal preferences, but this is a 45 minute video focusing on Sable- the least interesting Diva of the era.

She isn’t attractive in the face or body (“Silicone parts are made for toys!” -Sir Mix-A-Lot).

She has all the sex appeal of a pile of dirty sweat socks.

She’s not a very good wrestler.

And she can’t emote on the microphone. She has all the charisma and personality of a cardboard box.

So yeah, having to sit down and watch 45 minutes of nothing but Sable wrestling, working out (yawn…), talking, and trying to be “sexy” would be like some kind of torture.

Say what you want about Sunny, but at least she had a personality and put some effort into it so she looked like she wanted to be there!

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: 45 minutes of Sable? Nooooo!"
  1. IC says:

    You better make sure her husband the Beast Incarnate doesn’t read this.
    Also, don’t make it like you didn’t whack it to any of her Playboy pics, unless you just prefer sausage.

  2. Dave says:

    I actually had this video! In my defense, it was the Attitude Era– you could have put the WWF logo on a roll of toilet paper at that time and I would have bought it in bulk. And I thought Sable was hot– not Sunny hot (I had her video too), but still hot. Anyway, from what I remember the video wasn’t that good.

  3. Sgt. Tubs says:

    I find myself wholly in agreement with Mr. Kraft here… he just better hope Brock Lesnar doesn’t find out where he lives!

  4. John C says:

    She provided a useful role model for future sports entertainers that talent, charisma, and humility are overrated traits. Fake jugs, a shrill voice and a writah bro who had nevah seen boobies before bro could kickstart a career quicker.

  5. Francisco J. says:

    Here’s a funny thing: in the Spider-Man PS1/N64 game, the front cover of Sable’s VHS appears a poster during the jail scene with Spider-Man’s villains playing cards. The only thing did to avoid copyright is censor Sable’s face with a “fish bowl” sticker.

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