Someone Bought This: Popeye 3: WrestleCrazy video game

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Popeye 3 WrestleCrazy video game

Crapper Paul S. writes:

From the Commodore 64 comes a solid contender for the Worst Wrestling Game of all time… Here’s a 6 minute 44 second LONGplay of Popeye 3: Wrestlecrazy.

Yes a video game about Popeye wrestling aliens… If you make it to the 5:54 mark you’ll get to see Popeye fight Robbie the Robot. So that’s something.

And here’s what the game looked like on the ZX Spectrum… Also can any UK based crappers tell us what the appeal of the ZX Spectrum was beyond being what appears to be the cheapest computer known to man?

And finally we have the Amiga version. It’s clearly the best looking version but considering that the Amiga is a 16 bit machine it sure as hell had better look better.

Oh no…

Now you’ve done it!

You know you’re just going to make him show up and…

Gay Popeye

“Ooooo! I see yousk guys have found my special video game where I get down on the mat with all those buff, oily, sweaty young men! Who wantsk to wiggle my joystick and aim for the high score? UG-GUG-GUG-GUG!”



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7 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Popeye 3: WrestleCrazy video game"
  1. Alexandru says:

    While I’m sure this is terrible I still think it can’t be worse than that abortion that was Simpsons wrestling

  2. John C says:

    That has to be one of the greatest things I’ve ever watched. If only the second video had the great top rope boing action of the first video, every match should have that sound effect. No copyright problems featuring the obvious Alien Xenomorph apparently. And of course the amazing images of the “grappling” action with the sight of the joysticks pulsating back and forth in the upper corners of the screen. A masterpiece of the highest degree.

  3. John C says:

    So in the third video Popeye instead of relying on Sweet Shin Music to win he goes to the not-so Supermam Punch. At least these explained the introduction of The Time Bomb Death Matches in Japan, they were just huge fans of this game.

  4. Josh says:

    I’m from America, but from what I know the ZX Spectrum’s predominant appeal was being a budget computer (about 150 pounds), but it had some pretty good games, despite the fact that they ran on cassette tapes and were in black and white.

    Jet Set Willy, School Daze, Renegade (not based on the TV show), etc.

  5. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    There was a Thimble Theatre storyline called Popeye’s Main Event where martians came to earth and challenged Popeye to a wrestling match. A bunch of scientists ask him to lose the match, for the martians will destroy the earth if he wins. (For the record, wrestling is accurately portrayed as being scripted, but the Popeye match is a shoot fight.) As the town is on Popeye’s side, he no-shows the fight.
    However, Popeye finds the martian’s spaceship, stows away to Mars, and challenges the martians to a fight on his terms. Thanks to what Wimpy says is “The first can of spinach sent into space”, Popeye wins via submission.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This looks like the worst wrestling game ever.

  7. Redsox4life says:

    Robbie The Robot looks like the world’s most blatant ripoff of Tom Servo.

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