It Came From YouTube: WCW Live with Disco Inferno and Mark Madden

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WCW Live was WCW’s internet streaming audio show.

It was often very interesting to listen to… and for all the wrong reasons.

This episode features Disco Inferno and Mark “Worst Color Commentator Of All Time” Madden.

On a semi-related note, does anyone remember Real Audio Player?

Real Audio Buffering sign

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6 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WCW Live with Disco Inferno and Mark Madden"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    Remember WCW Live? It’s back in POG form!

  2. Pete Staiano says:

    I definitely remember Real Audio, because RD used to encode all the DAMNED audio clips in .rm and I couldn’t get them to play

  3. Adam X says:

    Holy crap…I live 15 minutes from Wheeling and never heard the bomb threat story. I have to hunt down more of these. I understand how some people would crap on this but I actually enjoyed it, they seemed a bit more loose than the today’s brood. Granted it likely needed reigned in a times but still pretty funny at times for the right and wrong reasons.

    • Nick says:

      WCW Live is probably entertaining in hindsight, but at the time that show was godawful. Just lots of Bob Ryder trying to convince listeners everything is going fine with WCW and it’s really WWF that will be on the decline soon. Ryder and Borash loved them some Vince Russo. I seem to remember one with Hogan on it that had him burying everybody.

  4. MistaMaddog says:

    I only used RealPlayer just for Wrestlecrap. I’d recommend VLC for use on the Archives if it didn’t cut off the last three seconds at the end…

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