It Came From YouTube: Sabu destroys Disco Inferno in WCW

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Crapper Sean Bateman writes:

an extreme, kinda, death of Disco (or a future Wrestlecrap induction known as “Sabu: WCW’s extreme booboo”)

For those who don’t know, Sabu had a very brief stint in WCW from September to November 1995. In fact, this was his last match in WCW before he returned to ECW.

WCW apparently had no idea what to do with him (I know, you’re shocked to hear that, right?).

Anyway, thanks for the submission, Sean!

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9 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Sabu destroys Disco Inferno in WCW"
  1. John says:

    “This is The American Dream here saying about Sabu that he was in WCW to do some clubberin’ with the plunder. If only he woulda used a bicycle vs Disco. Now excuse me while I go comfort my boy Cody.”

  2. Dave Mitchell says:

    I went to the WCW tapings at Disney-MGM and my jaw hit the floor when Sabu was announced. 95% of the crowd were tourists herded in for a free show and were dumbstruck by the match.

  3. Surfer Sandman says:

    It looks like Disco legit pissed him off there. That and the fact that the prop table wouldn’t even break.

  4. Anonymoose says:

    Wait… was Sabu using La Parka’s WCW theme?

  5. Chris says:

    lol at the kid laughing at Sabu after Disco moved. 😀

  6. Kareem Ofweet says:

    I’m surprised Disco got away with recovering so quickly from Sabu’s offense after the match.

  7. Nicky V says:

    2:35…..3:10. Poor Bobby Heenan.

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