It Came From YouTube: “Hogan’s Heroes”

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Crapper Sean Bateman sent in this “Hogan’s Heroes” clip from Robot Chicken>

Thanks, Sean!

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4 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: “Hogan’s Heroes”"
  1. Nick Nutter says:

    This is one of the funniest Robot Chicken sketches EVER. Three words: Roddy F**kn’ Piper.

  2. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Piper’s line to the guard made my day, as did the acknowledgement of “Leaping” Lanny Poffo.

  3. Wrestlecrap's Janitor says:

    I LOVE this episode of Robot Chicken!

    It never gets old for me.

  4. Paul R. from says:

    For those people who don’t get the overall spoof…

    Hogan’s Heroes (1965)

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