It Came From YouTube: Gorilla Monsoon throws Bobby Heenan out of RAW and the WWF

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From WWF Monday Night Raw on December 6th, 1993, Gorilla Monsoon has had enough of Bobby Heenan and throws him out of both the arena, and the WWF!

Bobby is of course absolutely hilarious throughout this entire bit. What a great way to send him off.

Quoting from Bobby Heenan’s Wikipedia page:

Heenan, still suffering from the broken neck he received ten years earlier and unable to cope with the long working hours, decided to leave the WWF at the end of 1993. He was given an on-air farewell by Gorilla Monsoon on the December 6, 1993 edition[9] of Monday Night Raw who, in kayfabe was fed up by Heenan’s constant insults, threw him and his belongings out of the Westchester County Center and onto the sidewalk of White Plains, NY. Heenan mentioned that the idea was his and Monsoon’s. Afterwards, Heenan states that at the hotel he and Monsoon embraced each other and wept for over an hour.[10] In an interview later Heenan recalls the incident saying he chose Monsoon to throw him out of the WWF seeing it as appropriate. He also poked fun at Monsoon saying he ate the bananas that Monsoon brought as a going away gift for Heenan.

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10 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Gorilla Monsoon throws Bobby Heenan out of RAW and the WWF"
  1. Greg says:

    Absolutely amazing. I remember seeing this, and it was SO damn funny! This is why Gorilla was one of the greatest men in wrestling, period. I don’t think you’ll find another guy who was SO loved by everyone, the workers, the fans, and the guys in charge. Heenan was always a lot of fun, too, especially when him and Gorilla would go back and forth.


  2. Alan says:

    Bobby Heenan is hilarious! I met him once, and he’s just as funny in real life as he is on camera. His time on Prime Time Wrestling was outstanding. There will never be another duo in the history of professional wrestling that can top the Gorilla and The Brain/The Weasel.

  3. Bone White says:

    Such a great pairing it was a shame as this was the end of it.

  4. Wrestlecrap's Janitor says:

    End of an era for damn sure!

    I respect what Bobby did a hell lot more now than I did as a kid. He wasn’t very well liked in my household.

  5. JimbolianJimJimbJolianbJiSmbJimJim says:

    I was actually there for the TV taping when it happened. I was kind of lost what was going on at the time along with most of the live audience.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Oh that’s right, this was long before they would have had a video screen in the arena to show fans what was going on outside. That must have sucked.

  6. TMS says:

    There was never a greater commentary duo than Gorilla and The Brain. Watching old matches with them on commentary makes me crack up every time.

  7. Jack Mehoff says:

    Love the over dramatic Vince towards the end.

  8. CaptainRon says:

    This is honestly one of my all-time favorite moments in wrestling. It was so, so perfect – the only way for Bobby Heenan to leave the WWF was by having his on-screen nemesis FINALLY make good on his threat to “have him escorted from the building.” Seriously, this was so awesome. I loved Gorilla and the Brain. Nobody will ever hold a candle to them.

  9. Adam from Iowa says:

    Gorilla finally got around to doing what he’d been threatening to do all those years. Also they really should’ve used that neon entrance for Old School Raw.

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