it Came From YouTube: Goldberg and Meng barter over WCW Motion Cards from Little Caesars Pizza

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I present to you this commercial from the late-90’s that aired on WCW Nitro constantly.

It features Goldberg and Meng who decide to stop fighting right in the middle of a heated battle, and enjoy some delicious (and by “delicious” I mean “mediocre, but cheap”) Little Caesars pizzas magically set before them by… oh I dunno, let’s just say The Great Gazoo,

Before they dig into this bountiful feast, Goldberg attempts to set up a trade for a card featuring his own likeness (Ego? What ego?!).

Meng responds by mustering up all of his fine acting talents and uttering one simple, yet powerful word:


With that single word, Goldberg’s hopes and dreams of having his own WCW Motion Card are crushed like so many discarded pizza boxes.

Goldberg might be able to beat Jerry Flynn 10,000 times, but he can’t bribe The Monster Meng out of his ultra-rare Goldberg card with his lousy offer of two DDPs and a Sting! Nuh-uh! Nothing doing, pal!

Meng knows it’s “Quality Over Quantity” and he knows that Goldberg’s card is the best of the four.

You don’t become a Martial Arts Expert(™) and former King Of The Ring by falling for lowball trade offers like that one!

Goldberg should be honored that his card is held in such high regard by his opponent/friend/pizza-eating partner and former Royalty.

And hey; wait… there’s no Meng card?! No freakin’ way!

First he doesn’t come with crown as illustrated, and now he doesn’t get his own WCW Motion Card? Bret Hart has nothing to complain about compared to the number of times Meng’s been screwed!

No Meng card and Crazy Bread make Meng something something…

How appropriate that the WCW Meal is two crappy cheap pizzas.

Thanks to the WCW Worldwide blog for the WCW Meal promo image above.

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38 Responses to "it Came From YouTube: Goldberg and Meng barter over WCW Motion Cards from Little Caesars Pizza"
  1. Autrach says:

    I hear ya, Meng deserves WAYYYYYYY more credit than he got.

  2. JJDAFF3W says:

    kind of funny how meng was good enough to be in the commercial but not on the cards

  3. Ed says:

    Luckily for Goldberg, Meng didn’t bite his nose off in anger.

  4. James S says:

    They have a really good deep dish pizza.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Get over to a decent local Italian pizzeria. You’ll thank me after the meal is through. 😉

      • James S says:

        dude any local pizza place beats Little Ceasers hands down (and I don’t even dislike LC’s). I will say this, however, I think their wings are terrible.

        • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

          I was surprised at how awful LC’s wings were- they were small, and very fatty and greasy. Very disappointing and absolutely not worth the $5.

          • James S says:

            small yes, fatty yes, greasy no (at least in my case). The ones I got were really boney, and it was almost like they were over cooked because the bone was really crunchy and brittle. I had them once and I decided never again. I also agree that they are not worth $5

    • DeweyDTruman says:

      As somebody who still eats LC on a somewhat regular basis (entirely because it’s so much cheaper than the alternatives, granted) I gotta say, not really.

      Do like the crazy bread though.

  5. James S says:

    I think I had the DDP and the Sting cards. It’s been awhile 😛

  6. bret_owen99 says:

    OK, Paul Kraft, I have to disagree with all of your Little Caesars hate. Back in the day (yes, I’m old), Little Caesars was a good Pizza company, right up there with Pizza Hut and Dominoes. The problem started happening when they raised prices, started using inferior ingredients, and they almost went out of business.

    The Little Caesars that you may know today (the ‘hot and ready’ cheapo specials) is a pale shadow of what it used to be. If that is all you have ever known, I don’t blame you for your opinion, but to say that Little Caesars has always been bad and cheap, is wrong.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Okay, I admit I didn’t have LC until about 5 years ago so if it was better before then, well… then I’m sorry I missed out on it. 🙂

      • James S says:

        yeah back in the 1990s LC was really really good. Now it’s just ok in my opinion. It’s the kind of pizza I want if I want it cheap and fast.

        • The Gold Standard says:

          They were incredibly good back in the days…and their pizza was square. I remember them back in the mid 90’s where you got two pizza for the price of one (hence the PIZZA PIZZA slogan). They did fall from grace hard though

    • JJ says:

      “Right up there with Pizza Hut and Dominos”

      That’s not exactly high praise.

  7. James S says:

    looking back at WCW and all the guys who never got a chance, Meng was one of the most underrate guys on the whole roster, and probably pound for pound one of the toughest as well.

  8. Phil Melcher says:

    I for one like how Schivaone actually calls the match! I however am disappointed that “They’re gonna…they’re gonna” wasn’t followed by THEY’RE GONNA PUKE!

    • James S says:

      I was also disappointed that this wasn’t followed by a “THIS IS THE GREATEST NIGHT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR SPORT!!!!!!”

  9. ReReallyrPeteGasW says:

    does anyone remember when hogan got hit by arn anderson with a high heel when the refs back was turned during his main event match with meng? resulting in meng pinning hogan for a 3 count? well, it was great.

  10. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    …I like LC’s boneless wings. :/

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Get to a Buffalo Wild Wings, come back and say that. 🙂

      • RD Reynolds says:

        BW3, bah! Get some Hungry Howies wings. Them’s good eats!

        • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

          Hey Deal; we can’t all be lucky enough to have a Hungry Howie’s near us, you know!

          Also, on an unrelated note; Hungry Howie looks like the older brother of the kid on the Play-Doh container.

    • James S says:

      I havent had their boneless boneless wing, but I would be give them a shot before I decided I didn’t like them.

  11. Trekkie313 says:

    The local Italian restaurant in my town is known for its pizzas, but for me they always undercook them and leave pasty flour all over the whole pie! I’m so glad Deep Dish is back at LC, I can’t really stand the inconsistent handling/cooking of the dough on the regular pizzas. It’s either dried sponge texture with hard yellow things or warm cardboard.

  12. John C says:

    Goldberg sells better in that commercial than in most of his matches. It would have been sweet of Mengku/Hang to pop one of Goldberg’s eyeballs out and tossed it on the pizza. That would be a real Eye-talian treat.

  13. Jimbolian says:

    The only Little Caesars I know of that’s In my area is located inside a K-Mart…yes, a K-Mart.

  14. AK says:

    I’m kind of surprised WCW didn’t turn this into an actual match; a WCW Goldberg Motion Card on a Pole Match. It would be like any other “on a pole match” except in this case, each wrestler has to finish their Little Casear’s Pizza first before being able to scale the ropes and the pole for the card.

    Plus if somebody made a Meng “nope” shirt, that would be a contender for one of the best Somebody Bought This in the annals of Wrestlecrap.

    Come to think of it, Meng could have started a “Nope, Nope, Nope” chant well before Daniel Bryan. Just another missed opportunity by WCW.

  15. AK says:

    Ugh Caesar, thanks a lot auto correct for auto correcting to a word that isn’t even actually a word.

  16. MistaMaddog says:

    Man, I miss the old Little Ceaser’s from the 90’s with two pizzas for the price of one. The current Hot ‘N Ready version doesn’t do it for me unless it’s fresh out the oven…

    (Oh someone said something about wrestling cards?)

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