It Came From YouTube: G.L.O.W hotline commercial

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Yes, there was a G.L.O.W (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) hotline back in the day.

I’m picturing WrestleCrap Radio’s own Nathaniel calling it in a horny fever, making sure to call late at night when his parents are asleep, his heart racing with anticipation that he might be able to get a special message from Becky, The Farmer’s Daughter…

Nathaniel nerd with telephone phone

“Oh yeah baby! You can put me in the Boston Crab any night!”

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2 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: G.L.O.W hotline commercial"
  1. Doc75 says:

    the other night i saw one for the GWF Wrestling School…..around the time they were about to be no more

  2. Geoff says:

    What’s a nerd like him doing up so late on a school night anyway. Homework to do, teacher’s pets to be and straight As to get. No self respecting nerd would be up that late dialing that kind of phone number.

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