It Came From YouTube: Disco Inferno’s Disco Duck

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Crapper Cameron Archer submitted this video and writes:

Submitted entirely for the Disqo Duck, although I believe this is when Disco Inferno (sorry, DISQO in his hip-hop phase) and Alex Wright solidified the Boogie Knights team.

Also, how is that chairshot near the top of the ladder effective? I know there are people on the bottom and sandwiched between it…wait, I’m supposed to accept a hollow plastic duck as an effective foreign object. Never mind.

Oh geez, I forgot about that- Disco and his stupid duck prop!

Because that’s what the kids want to see- a reference to a long forgotten novelty song!

Thanks for the submission, Cameron!

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3 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Disco Inferno’s Disco Duck"
  1. cavalier says:

    I can’t tell if the announcers are being serious or not.

  2. Dan Sheldon says:

    I smell Vince Russo

  3. John Matrix says:

    I’m surprised Rick Dees didn’t do a run-in.

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