It Came From YouTube: Brutus Beefcake graduates from hair styling school

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In November of 1987 Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake earned his degree in hair styling. Plus he got a spiffy VHS tape to remember the event by.

I fail to see why the WWF thought we needed to see Brutus get accredited. He just sloppily cuts off guys’ hair with hedge clippers, after all. How much studying and practice can it take to do that?! I don’t know if that says more about the school, or Brutus’ intelligence (or both?).

This segment is the very definition of filler.

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5 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Brutus Beefcake graduates from hair styling school"
  1. ScMcS says:

    that Brutus Beefcake Coliseum Video is one of the laziest put together tape I can think of, at least considering the time when most CV’s dipped into the well of MSG, Toronto, Spectrum, and other old school house show locations: almost every match was recycled from Superstars or Challenge. The only notable rarities were matches with Ted Dibiase in Boston a few weeks after Dibiase’s 87 return, and a Capital Centre match with Hogan that has seen appearances on other tapes already at that point.

  2. John says:

    4 words that should never everrrrrrrrrrrrr be put together Brutus Beefcake & world champion.

  3. Steve "Hard Rock" Diamond says:

    haters gotta hate….me i was a fan of this guy back in the day

    • Dave says:

      Exactly. Even in 2020 these vitriolic hacks will continue to hate everyone and everything that has been in contact with Hulk Hogan. Praise to WWF/WWE for going the extra mile to make their characters look and feel larger than life, the Million Dollar Man also comes to mind.

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