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16 Responses to "The Meme Event: WWE Smackdown 7/12/13"
  1. Jeremy says:

    Someone want to inform Orton he’s holding the wrong briefcase. You’re competing for the RED briefcase on Sunday Randy. R-E-D. Red!



  3. Down With OPC says:

    Taradise? Man, I could have lived longer not knowing there was something with such a title. Great.

  4. Jason says:

    The Usos are a great team

    And the divas feud is very entertaining

  5. Rose Harmon says:

    My favorite was the Damien Sandow one.

  6. John says:

    It looks like Randy’s thinking about asking the briefcase what his lines are again.

  7. Justin Henry says:

    I was wondering if anyone figured out that Damien’s is a long-winded way of saying “Don’t sing it, bring it.”

    • BaltoJim says:

      “I urge you to jaunt forth and engage in fisticuffs in lieu of chatter!” is now my favorite comeback ever…

  8. Chris Hajdar says:

    That Jacksonville Jaguars comment is great, considering their owner has just bought a football (sorry, soccer) team. Let’s see if he can do any better with Fulham FC.

  9. Luke(Not the Bushwacker) says:

    I could not name a favourite. All of these had me laughing until my wrists hurt. Seriously.

  10. CarlMarksGuy says:

    Lt. Sulu: Road Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  11. CucchC says:

    That Whizzinator joke is gold. Spoken like a true football fan.

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