Curtain Jerker 2/19/13: The New Belt

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Alright, let’s hear it. What do you think of the new WWE strap?

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23 Responses to "Curtain Jerker 2/19/13: The New Belt"
  1. Ezenwa says:

    Is it just me, or is every new title just another souped up version of the Light Heavyweight belt? The U.S. title was, and now this is, only bigger. Weird coincidence. Having said that, I’m glad they have come up with SOMETHING other than the spinner title. You see, other than personal preference (titles shouldn’t spin), I like the new belt because Cena designed said belt 8 years ago for himself. And, for no reason other than to make money, they stuck with that design. Here’s the thing: if I win the WWE title, I want it to resemble what I want out of it, not what someone else wants. Vince wanted the Smoking Skull belt from Austin as a sign of defeating him, but the current champ always, ALWAYS, had the standard. I’m saddened it took 8 years to come up with something, especially, since the 2003 title of undisputed fame looked great to me. I liked it a lot.

    Having said that, personalizing it with the buckles of the Brahma Bull is a step backward. Not huge, but big enough (to quote Justin, assassinating Hitler to put in Pol Pot). If this new belt has to work, then the champion has to have his (or her, if this were CHIKARA or PWG, wink wink) own personalized buckles. If Cena wins it, the buckles have to have his logo. If Punk wins, his logos, and so on. That’s how it works in my view.

    All in all, it looks standard, and it’s bigger than I thought it was, it looks like it copied the design from the titles I mentioned earlier, and the buckles should change with the champ. Those are my thoughts. Thanks!

  2. TMC says:

    I personally feel it’s an improvement over the spinner, but then again that’s like someone being morbidly obese and saying you’re skinnier than that 650 lb man.

    Ultimately the new belt was made to sell toys of, not to have class or any resemblance of prestige.

  3. Zeedeevel says:

    I just feel the belt should look like something you would be proud to win and hold onto as champion, this belt looks like something that belongs in a rap video. I get that it isn’t the spinner belt, but it is still gaudy with all of the diamonds in it.

  4. The Gold Standard says:

    Not a fan of the new Title. I agree that it looks like the Cruiser/US title….The Heavyweight title of a company should be the embodiment of the company, not a carbon copy. Not a fan of the new title. The Heavyweight Title should have a unique look that everybody knows is specifically the world title. The spinner title was a knockoff of the IC title that Cena made. No creativity there

  5. Bubzilla says:

    If I were in charge of approving the belt design, I would want the WWE title should look timeless. It should look good on Bruno Sammartino, and it should look good on John Cena and every champ in between. That’s what I missed about the old “winged eagle” belt, as it had a classy look that looked appropriate for any champion. I certainly don’t dislike the new belt(I don’t care for the Bull sideplates and they really should do away with customizing belts). But the replica with the generic WWE sideplates actually looked very nice. So it wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s a definite improvement.

  6. Down With OPC says:

    Only one complaint, where is the eagle? Even the “spinner” belt had an eagle.

  7. Down With OPC says:

    One more thing I’ll add, I think most of the “spinner” belt’s disdain extends from its association with Cena. Had anyone else introduced it (RVD could have been the one, “It spins!”), the belt might not have received as much scorn.

  8. patricko says:

    Honestly, it was time for the spinny belt to go, though noone’s actually spun it in years.

    But talking up the tradition of the belt, who’s worn it, it’s importance, and then they unveil an even bigger, more gaudy, more over the top belt than ever. I’d have liked to see a more traditional belt…

    It’s kinda ridiculous looking, imo.

    So now we’ve got this thing, and either the intercontinental or the US strap is white and very small and looks silly. Can’t help but think that the tag title belts best exemplify what a real championship belt should look like.

    And as an aside, did anyone else feel that the camera work for Raw last night was really bad? Production staff getting into shots, shaky camera work, bad positioning.
    Was worst during the Shield match. Felt like I was watching Bourne Supremacy. Or was this intentional, to hype up the unpredictability of being in the ring with The Shield, how it’s impossible to keep up, etc etc etc?

  9. Jeremy from Harrisburg says:

    A Championship belt should be inspiring. Even the spinner belt looked better than this. It looks like Jostens should sue them for stealing their class ring ideas…

  10. Clifton says:

    If i had to choose between the WWE heavyweight championship and the World Heavyweight Title, I’d choose the World Heavyweight Title in a heartbeat. It looks like a belt that a champion should wear. The WWE title just looks like a rap video prop. It looks like something Crime Time would have worn to the ring as part of their outfit.

  11. Peter Santellan says:

    Seeing pictures of the belt, I’d have to say it’s got a lot of excess, but not a lot of prestige.

  12. Art0Donnell says:

    I didn’t see the end of Raw last night, but the first picture I saw of it I confused for a commemorative ring, but apparently the champion is supposed to wear this thing around his waist instead of his finger.

  13. Rory says:

    It’s gaudy, very gaudy. But looking at this publicity photo ( it appears that the Rock-style side plates are only for him. So there could at least be a bit of novelty in how they’ll change it when we get a new champion. (Taped fists, spinners, the word “NO” etc…)

  14. Adam Marin says:

    And I thought the new Tag Team titles were hideous. They don’t even care anymore, do they? Fuck this company!

  15. Alan says:

    I really like the new WWE Title strap. It’s a definite improvement over the past-its-prime Spinner belt. Also saw on that an eagle was once part of the new title design, which would’ve gripped the WWE logo, but those plans were dropped. They’re supposed to post pics of the different designs that were considered but not used. I like this belt a ton more than that horrid-looking Undisputed belt used back from 2002-05. To me, that was the worst looking WWE Title strap ever.

  16. DeweyDTrumanDD says:

    I don’t dislike it nearly as much as I do the spinner belt, but I still think it looks awful. If they removed all the ugly stones and just had the WWE logo be solid gold or whatnot, it’d look infinitely better. I don’t think they should just go back to the undisputed title or the older belts but I do believe they should try to make it look more like a classical belt, because the designs they are using now just feel too toy-like.

  17. El Rob says:

    The WWE Title should never look like a toy…so how about a ring instead? The illogical choices made by this company is entirely baffling to me anymore…

  18. Peter says:

    Isn’t the WWE Championship a “World” Championship? Shouldn’t it have the globe on there? I know they have the “World Heavyweight Champion” but I thought they have “WWE World Champion.” Instead it’s “WWE Champion.” My point is, that belt could use a globe on it, or something more, it’s too basic.

  19. RXOK says:

    That belt is terrible!! Better than the spinner belt but not by much. They said they spent $50,000 dollars on THAT,what a waste. Why does it remind me of a womans championship belt when I look at it.The design team should be ashamed. Give me the big gold belt, the world heavyweight belt. That’s a classy world title.

  20. Nick Nutter says:

    I think the new belt should be inducted. The spinner needed to go, BADLY, but at least that looked belt-ish. This is probably the most 5th grade, construction paper and rhinestone-looking piece of hot garbage a jabroni could ever throw over his shoulder. It’s just so GENERIC.

  21. Ben says:

    It’s better than the spinner belt, but that’s not saying much. At least it says “Champion” on it and not “Champ.” Other than that it’s pretty much just as fugly.

  22. Down With OPC says:

    “WWE says that 18 months ago, it was decided they wanted to get rid of the spinner belt and WWE’s Senior Vice President of Creative Services Stan Stanski had to come up with a new design.They talked ideas such as using a red leather strap and even having the title with door hinges on both sides. ”

    I want my door hinge belt!

  23. I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

    They’re already selling the new belt on The belt they’re selling has WWE logos where The Rock’s bulls are at the moment. Once Rock loses I assume it’ll just be those WWE logos for whoever hold the title.

    Didn’t Ryback beat up Stan Stanski?

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