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Some of you may know that, for the last couple of years, I’ve lent a hand with the internet’s  oldest wrestling awards, the RSPW Awards. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they were founded in 1990 by a wrestling scribe named Herb Kunze, and run by him until the late 1990s. That’s when Christopher Robin Zimmerman took over (CRZ to people who know him), and he ran the awards to through 2009.

With no awards in 2010, I decided to host them in 2011. Only 40 people voted, as had become the custom in recent years, until a gentleman named Christopher Bird (of the Mighty God King blog) stepped in to aid my revival for 2012.

Not only did Chris set up the awards in such a way that voting was easier, but he managed to get good amounts of pimpage (is that a word?) from other sites, such as popular blog With Leather. Several hundred ballots were counted, and the votes should be out tomorrow.

What does this have to do with this site? I’m glad you (presumably) asked.

Having been a part of the process, I’ve already seen the results, including vote totals, tabulated through Chris’ site, and while there were very few surprises for Best Wrestler, Most Overrated, and all of the regular awards, one truly caught my eye.

Best TV Show.

The award was instituted in 1993 by Herb, and here’s how the previous list of winners looks:

1993: WWF Monday Night RAW
1994: WWF Monday Night RAW
1995: WWF Monday Night RAW
1996: WWF Monday Night RAW
1997: WWF Monday Night RAW
1998: WWF RAW is WAR
1999: WWF RAW is WAR
2000: WWF RAW is WAR
2001: WWF RAW
2002: WWE SmackDown!
2003: WWE Smackdown
2004: WWE RAW
2005: TNA iMPACT!
2006: WWE Smackdown
2007: WWE RAW / WWE Smackdown (tie)
2008: WWE RAW
2009: WWE Smackdown
2010: N/A
2011: WWE RAW

Other than TNA getting some love during the FOX SportsNet era, it’s a total WWE love-in. Nitro didn’t even win during the show’s heyday, and those were some heavily voted years. RAW has won 13 times, including their 2007 shared award.

But the winds…..they changed.

Beginning this year, the award was modified to include episodic internet shows. I think it makes sense that other digitally-broadcast programs get consideration for this award; it’s a sign of the times, and a testament to the consumer/proprietor hybrid’s ability to create, that the award needed to be changed to such.

What I’d like to do now is spoil a portion of the 2012 RSPW Awards by revealing the top ten votegetters for Best TV/Internet Show.

10. ROH Wrestling (101 vote points, 5 first-place votes)

9. Z! True Long Island Story (141 vote points, 10 first-place votes)

8. CHIKARA-A-Go-Go (194 vote points, 9 first-place votes)

Seems that so far the digital world is well represented, particularly from a beloved (now-defunct) comedy series, and a long-running podcast. Let’s see where the votes went next.

7. WWE Smackdown (199 vote points, 12 first-place votes)

6. WWE Main Event (208 vote points, 19 first-place votes)

5. TNA Impact Wrestling (279 vote points, 27 first-place votes)

Wow, three shows I generally enjoy watching didn’t crack the Top 4? Ahh, but Raw is still alive, likely to claim its 14th win, right?

4. WWE NXT (322 vote points, 33 first-place votes)

3. WWE Are You Serious? (367 vote points, 30 first-place votes)

Huh. Third place went to a show that did WrestleCrap 12 years after RD Reynolds built a museum on the concept. Imagine that. But nothing could stop Raw from retaining its throne, not even a series dedicated to the worst of the industry, right?

2. WWE Raw (725 vote points, 89 first-place votes)

Umm, woah? Raw didn’t win? Grant you, it didn’t really DESERVE to win, given the booking of Cena, Punk, and others this year, not to mention the self-congratulation on how they handled Jerry Lawler’s heart attack. You don’t see doctors masturbating after performing successful chemotherapy, after all.

So wait….if Raw is 2nd, and all over major WWE programming has been mentioned (Saturday Morning Slam was twelfth, before you get excited, RD), what in the hell could possibly be number one?

1. Botchamania (952 vote points, 163 first-place votes)

That’s right, people. Maffew Gregg’s little internet series that was meant to amuse like-minded fans is not only well beyond 200 episodes and attracting reputable sponsors, but it’s now hailed as the best episodic wrestling show going today.

A peer sampling of over 400 voters of diverse backgrounds and tastes selecting our man Maffew’s product over all other “professional” content, and we’re damn proud of the man.

Congratulations to Maffew, and many more will come tomorrow when the tallies are officially released!

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  1. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    Bah, Saturday Morning Slam will win it next year!

  2. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    Recount! I demand a recount1 This whole thing is fixed!

    (Just kidding- congrats Maffew).

  3. Scott "The Man" Matias says:

    I’ve been in the Dangerzone!

  4. RD Reynolds says:

    Well deserved! Congrats Maffew!

  5. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Many congratulations, Maffew! You damn sure deserve this honour!

  6. cavalier says:

    Yes, yes, yes. He did it, he did it!

  7. Jr. says:

    BOTCHAMANIA *clap clap clapclapclap* BOTCHAMANIA!

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