Someone Bought This: WWF Superstars Shoot-Out Tabletop Hockey Game

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WWF Superstars shoot-out hockey tabletop game front of packageWWF Hockey game and box

Who cares about real hockey when you can play with The WWF Superstars Shoot-Out Tabletop Hockey Game?!

Okay, so it’s basically Foosball.

But Foosball is fun!

I love the customized hockey sticks that match each character perfectly.

Did any of you Crappers have this toy?

Do you still have it?

P.S- I feel like I’ve seen that packaging artwork somewhere else… maybe decades later…


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32 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WWF Superstars Shoot-Out Tabletop Hockey Game"
  1. Dave says:

    Holy crap…words cannot even begin to describe how much I want this.

  2. Steele says:

    We had this at my elementary school, in the room for kids who arrive early. Everyone wanted it. The losers had to play with normal hockey. The ones who couldn’t get THAT had to play with My Little Pony dolls.

    I usually ended up with the My Little Pony dolls.

  3. Faceinyourcrowd says:

    Holy crap it had heel sarge!

  4. Supasta Shaw says:

    Me and my cousin used to play this all the time. I actually still have the characters. When the hockey parts broke, we created a game using the characters and Jenga blocks where you had to destroy a base and knock all the characters down.

  5. RD Reynolds says:

    Think I’ve mentioned this on the show before, but Trash & I played this as a drinking game back in our wilder days. Score a goal? Take a drink. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to do, so we just kept modifying the drink trigger to make it easier. Eventually it was if you hit the puck, you took a drink. Yes, we got very hammered, and that may have been the cause of me basically saying ‘no more’ to drinking…

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      30 years into the future, at a dinner party…

      “So R.D; why aren’t you having drinks like the rest of us tonight? We have some great Bourbon…”

      “The WWF Tabletop Hockey Game! That’s why!”.

  6. Frozen Banana Expert says:

    I had this game as a child.

    I regret nothing, especially after I broke them off and just used them as regular wrestling toys.

  7. TheSaintOfPain says:

    Anyone got $800 I can “borrow?”

  8. Greg Potocky says:

    I just got this gem for christmas yesterday!

  9. Christopher peacock says:

    I have this game still in box in good condition willing to listen to offers

  10. Mike says:

    I’m glad this was posted again. I was trying to figure out the origin of Wrestlecrap’s background image. That answers that question.

  11. Guilty Party says:

    I would set a hobo on fire for this bad boy.

  12. JeremyB says:

    It’s too bad this came out before ‘The Goon’ character.

  13. Mister Forth says:

    Even Remco defected from he AWA to the World Wrestling Federation.

  14. John C says:

    Is that The Model holding a hockey stick (or are you just happy to see me?) or the Arrogance spray can. Wouldn’t it be great if every hockey player wore a sweater around their neck like that when they’re playing.

  15. Jimbolian says:

    I know Hogan is usually a charitable guy, but why does he look so pissed off playing against a special needs kid wearing a helmet?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Looks… somewhat cool actually? I’m kinda surprised. I thought this would be just lame based on the title.

  17. Hulk6785 says:

    Jake “The Snake” Roberts used Damien as his hockey stick. That sounds like animal cruelty to me.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Well, look on the bright side- it might have been Damien’s frozen corpse bent into the shape of a hockey stick. That’s better, isn’t it?

  18. Mav says:

    What the heck is Hogan’s stick? Is that a spatula from Pastamania?

  19. Reed96 says:

    I had this and still have it in storage. Was terribly wonderful to play!!

  20. theMOESOAH says:

    I got this for Christmas one year when I was little. I remember being VERY confused.

  21. Joe Jusko says:

    I painted the box art for this, as well as the posters for Wrestlemania VII and the 1991 & 1992 Royal Rumbles. Fun times.

  22. SARAH AND PAUL says:




  23. AlexRely says:

    I have one, complete in box. Message me with questions if you’d like.

  24. J Lap says:

    I still have this and its in great condition

  25. Tim says:

    Does anyone know how much these go for now a days in 2019? i have a brand new one and i’d love to see how much they have been sold/bought for recently

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