Someone Bought This: Sable Yo-Yo

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Sable Yo-Yo

The next time your buddy says “That Sable was a real Yo-Yo” you can just nod your head and show them this!

With the teased hair, sunglasses, and vinyl one-peice bodysuit she looks like some kind of Biker Chick reject from a bad 80’s Action movie. The “hot pink background with lightening (?) doesn’t help, either…

I wonder which had more plastic in it at the time- The Yo-Yo or Sable?

Does a simple thing like a Yo-Yo really need lights and sound? Aren’t Yo-Yo’s fun enough to play with on their own without adding gimmicky stuff like that?

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19 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Sable Yo-Yo"
  1. Down With OPC says:

    I think this was from when Yo-Yos made a comeback.

  2. John says:

    “Sorry Sunny no yo-yo for you.”

  3. Isaac says:

    Vince McMahon would like to remind you that the WWF didn’t advertise to children back in the Attitude Era, nosiree.

  4. John C says:

    The picture looks more like the time Goldust dressed up like Sable. The swirling lights now would be an effective tool to hypnotize someone, “You will buy the Network, $9.99 is a small price to pay for my family’s future. CM Punk was just in your imagination, you will cheer only loyal WWE Superstars. Did I mention buy the Network.”

  5. Vealchop says:

    When my son was little he had an Undertaker yoyo that would go *BONG* everytime it reached the end of the string. That was pretty cool actually.

    The bell type bong by the way.

  6. Adam says:

    I’d love a Sable yo-yo. Anytime I’ve played with a yo-yo I’ve been able to make it “go down” but never come back up. Ahhhh-yeah.

  7. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    That’s probably the most clothing I’ve ever seen Sable wear.

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