Someone Bought This: WWF Programs were a total waste of money

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Let’s talk about those Programs you’d buy when you wen to see a WWF event, Crappers.

Picture it…

Sicily, 1924…

The Golden Girls Sophia

Whoops! Wrong story!

Let’s try that again!

It’s 1989.

You arrive at The Trolla Center in Anytown, USA for an exciting WWF event.

The first thing you do is head over to the souvenir stand to buy a WWF Program because you know it will come with a rundown of tonight’s action!

And what do you get for your $5?

You get a 3 month+ old re-hash of WWF Magazine that you already subscribe to.

And on top of that 3/4ths of the advertised matches don’t even happen as they’re listed!

What a ripoff!

But on the plus side, at least you know what channel WWF Spotlight is on!

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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WWF Programs were a total waste of money"
  1. Josh says:

    +1 for a Golden Girls reference

  2. Jimbolian says:

    That Virgil one should’ve been a “progrem”.

  3. John C says:

    Ahhh you’re torturing me!!! Keep trying to zoom in on the card rundown sheet to see what every match is and it gets more blurry. It is funny how every one of those sheets looked the same in every arena. But it makes sense since most of the house shows were booked in the same order and usually move for move the same sequence. At least kids got to learn what Card Subject to Change means when the top guys no showed the event you were at.

  4. Ravem7309 says:

    I bought the one with the Macho Man at the very first WWF event I ever attended. He wasn’t there though. The main event was a battle royal that Shawn Michaels won. It was the first time I saw Shawn “skin the cat.”

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