Someone Bought This: WWF In Your Face 3-D magazine

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I found this WWF In Your Face Best Of 1999 3-D Magazine on eBay.

It comes complete with two pairs of red and blue 3-D glasses.

Man, this gimmicky magazine sums up The Attitude Era perfectly.

3-D! Edgy! Attitude! Yeah!

This magazine actually reminds me of this exchange from the Muppet-Vision 3-D attraction at Disney:

Muppet-Vision 3-D logo

Kermit the Frog: [talking about the show] It’s going to be a swell demonstration, and at no time will we be stooping to any cheap 3D tricks.

[Fozzie Bear enters]

Fozzie Bear: Did you say “cheap 3D tricks”?

Kermit the Frog: Uh…

[Fozzie blows a party streamer horn in the audience’s direction]

Fozzie Bear: Ah! Oh, oh, and here’s something I wanted to *spring* on you!

[he takes out a peanut can and opens the lid. Spring snakes pop out]

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11 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WWF In Your Face 3-D magazine"
  1. John C says:

    Just as long as there’s no pics of Mae Young’s Royal Rumbles popping out, Vince’s initiating people into the Kiss my Arse (PG Era Rules) Club, Jillian (one more for the road) Hall’s mole or HBK’s Playgirl pics then it could be a fine gimmick addition to a collection.

    • Darryl Stewart says:

      Well, considering none of those things happened in 1999, you should be safe.

      • John C says:

        It’s a worst case scenario of what could be looked foward to if they did more. And considering a lot of crap took place in 1999 here’s a few examples: Kennel from Hell, Bossman hanging out in the cell, Sable & Nicole Bass’ unholy union. Thank you for making me actually mention worse things that would come later on.

        • Darryl Stewart says:

          Hey if we’re gonna talk crap, we may as well talk accurate crap, right? Hmm, “Accurate Crap” sounds like a great title for a “just the facts” newspaper or news show on TV.

  2. dude says:

    1999, I hope it doesn’t include a picture of that ladys ass from the first ever kiss my ass match, still have nightmares

  3. Handsome B wonderful says:

    I got this for my 12th birthday, pretty sure I’ve still got it somewhere. I broke the glasses in a week.

  4. Handsome B wonderful says:

    Oh yeah, the last page has Mr Ass flashing his…ass, and it says “The End”. I was 12 so I’m guessing I chuckled pretty heavily at that.

  5. Mister Forth says:

    If this were done today. Lesnar and Reigns would have to be punching the camera.

  6. Alec Pridgen says:

    Holy crap- I actually have that!

    To make a long story short, I got a bunch of Wrestling stuff- books, toys and magazines- from a guy who’s not around anymore. One of the three or four Magazines was this.

    I don’t have the 3-D Glasses though, so it isn’t exactly all that exciting right now. 🙂

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