Someone Bought This: Why spend real money when you can spend WCW play money?

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WCW Play Money

Bryan over at The WCW Worldwide Blog found this WCW play money!

Is this the money that Billionaire Ted used to buy all his ‘rasslers that Vince kept whining about in the mid-90’s?

Or maybe Bischoff was going to use this money to buy WCW!

Hey, how come The Nature Boy is on the lowest denomination bill?!

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12 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Why spend real money when you can spend WCW play money?"
  1. d_sel1 says:

    Well, George Washington is on the $1 bill…

  2. Sean Bateman says:

    But that money needs ATM Eric’s face on them!

  3. CP says:

    Geez, anything to make a (fake) buck.

  4. Jim from Boston says:

    No matter how many times I see a picture of younger Scott Steiner, I can never reconcile the fact he is the same guy as Big Poppa Pump. Never.

    • Darryl Stewart says:

      One of my old co-workers had a similar problem and could never reconcile Stunning Steve Austin with ol’ Stone Cold.

  5. Geoff says:

    Why is Scott even on the $10? It should be someone like Nash, Hogan or Hall. Anyway your young wrestling fan needs to learn the value of the dollar sometime. Maybe they can put these into their piggy bank account.

    • Darryl Stewart says:

      Well you can see at the very bottom of the package that these came out in 1991 so Hogan would have been in WWE still while nobody would be putting Oz or The Diamond Studd on any merchandise just yet. As for why Flair is only on the $1 bill, it just goes to show you how taken for granted he always was by the powers that be at WCW (I’m talking about Jim Herd and his ilk and not the early Russo onscreen presence in 1999).

  6. John C says:

    If this came out in The NWO era, Flair would have been lucky to even get on a penny. It probably would be Buff on a quarter, Vincent on a dime and Stevie Ray getting on the nickle. Then Hulk probably gets Brother Bruti on the penny.

  7. Jimbolian says:

    Not shown: Dusty on the $50 bill and a crumpled up $100 bill of Shockmaster.

  8. Tazmaniac says:

    When asked for a comment, Scott Steiner had the following to say, “Well I had a 20% chance to be on the $20 bill. If you take everyone else who is on the money, they are not in my league, so they only had a 10% chance each to be on the $20 bill. That gives them 30% total. If you subtract their 30% and subtract from 100%, you get 70%. If you take that 70% and add it to my 25% chance to be on the $20 bill, you get 95%. Now you take that 95%. Now you add a $20 bill, a $10 bill, a $5 bill and a $1 bill and you get $36. You add that to my 95% chance to be on the $20 bill and that equals 131. That means that I should be on the $131 bill!! Holla if you hear me!!”

  9. #OPC says:

    I heard Dixie was paying her talent with this over the past couple years.

  10. AdamX says:

    One Naitch Dollar was all his ex wives left him with, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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