Someone Bought This: WCW’s got balls… Baseballs, that is!

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WCW Goldberg Sting baseballs

I found WCW Goldberg and Sting baseballs!

Because we know the strong connection the tWCW and baseball have always had.

Er, wait a minute…

Anyway, they’re the kind of collectible baseballs that you aren’t supposed to actually play with.

You’re just supposed to look at them.

But these look really ugly, so I wouldn’t really recommend looking at them.

So I don’t know why you’d want to buy these.

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2 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WCW’s got balls… Baseballs, that is!"
  1. John C says:

    Crow T. Sting did have the baseball bat gimmick, Goldberg was on a baseball field with Mark McGwire. They could have had a Macho Man baseball since he was a minor league player. That was in the day where both companies pimped out their logo on any merchandising gimmick as possible. AEW could try selling their barbed wire brooms as a Skin Tag Removal System or maybe sell Sugarglass On A Stick at the concession stand.

  2. Another Dave says:

    At least a Sid softball would’ve made some sort of sense…

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