Someone Bought This: WCW Talking Mad Caps Soda Toppers featuring Sting and Goldberg

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WCW Mad Caps Soda Can Topper Goldberg FrontWCW Mad Caps Soda Can Topper WCW Sting Front

These are WCW “Talking Mad Caps Soda Toppers” featuring Goldberg and Sting (both of whom look like they’re about ready to take a Trust Fall).

They’re the “safe and fun way to drink from soda cans”! Gosh, I didn’t know that drinking from a soda can was so dangerous the way I’ve been doing it my entire life. What exactly is so unsafe about doing it the regular way?

Doesn’t it look like Sting and Goldberg now have tails like they’re part dinosaur? And that’s the part you’re supposed to drink out of!

It gets better- yes, they both talk (!).

Judging by the examples on the packaging Goldberg does his impersonation of a sheep (“Bahhh…”?) and Sting does his impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger (“I’ll be back”).

That’s just perfect- I know I’d just love to hear Goldberg screaming at me every single time I go for a sip of my Dr Pepper.

Here’s the back of both packages:

WCW Mad Caps Soda Can Topper Goldberg BackWCW Mad Caps Soda Can Topper Sting Back

I don’t know… There’s just something really creepy about drinking out of Bill Goldberg or Sting. It feels like I’d be participating in some kind of bizarre cult ritual or something.

You can still buy them brand new on Amazon. Click here for Goldberg, or click here for Sting.

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WCW Talking Mad Caps Soda Toppers featuring Sting and Goldberg"
  1. John C says:

    I believe they had to pull a Scott Hall one because he would spit in your face if it was just soda you were drinking.

    • Josh Dionio says:

      I thought the Scott Hall one was the one where if you put it on your soda, you’d miss out on the rest of it. Now the Carlito one would be the one to spit in your face.

  2. Paul says:

    Did you notice that Amazon lists the item weight at two pounds? TWO POUNDS?! So these kids enjoying their sodas and repetitive catchphrases are also working their puny biceps into impressive pythons?

  3. GungaD says:

    If these are the safe way to drink soda, why is there a choking hazard warning on the package?

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