Someone Bought This: WCW rebooted 14 years ago today and made a t-shirt to celebrate!

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WCW Monday Nitro April 10th 2000 shirt front WCW Monday Nitro April 10th 2000 shirt back

Another treat from the WCW Worldwide blog,

This is a t-shirt (sold at the event, I assume) to commemorate a special episode of WCW Monday Nitro that took place on April 10th, 2000.

It was 14 years ago on this very day that WCW “rebooted” with a special episode of WCW Monday Nitro.

You can read CRZ’s recap of the episode to get an idea of what happened that night if you weren’t following the hot mess that was WCW and didn’t see it live.

This reboot was supposed to fix WCW. It was supposed to be the beginning of a new era for the company where all the dumb stuff we’d had to put up with prior to this point would be completely ignored and everything would start fresh!

But as viewers soon found out, WCW didn’t change. And the world (!) certainly didn’t change as the shirt promised.

You mean a t-shirt lied to me? I’m crushed.

It was really just the same old crap as before.

If you read CRZ’s recaps of the Nitros both preceding and following this attempted reboot, you can easily see how quickly they fell into the same old stupid, boring, inane story lines and characters.

Just under a year after this special episode of WCW Monday Nitro we saw the death of WCW (cheap pop!) as the company was sold to the WWF.

Maybe the slogan on the back of the shirt should have been “The Night The World Changed The Channel”?

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7 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WCW rebooted 14 years ago today and made a t-shirt to celebrate!"
  1. Anonymous says:

    Everything that WCW ever did to try to “fix” something always made things even worse. They were like the DC Comics of professional wrestling.

  2. John C says:

    Until this last Super Bowl never had Denver seen such a crushing defeat.

  3. ChrisV says:

    I’m sure there’s enough in those New Blood era PPVs to warrant most of them being inducted.
    It was the first time I had ever given up on watching a wrestling promotion since I started watching wrestling right before WrestleMania 3.
    I stopped watching WCW totally until December.
    It also holds that record to this day, alongside TNA during the Main Event Mafia period (funnily enough, TNA’s knock-off of the New Blood angle).

  4. Hashington says:

    Was that the point where they pretty much gave Russo complete control? What were they thinking.

    • Anonymous says:

      WCW was the most nepotistic wrestling company of all time, worse than AWA even. EVERY big push and EVERY person who was every given decision make power was always because they were friends with someone high up in the company and never because anyone though or even cared if it was actually a wise business decision.

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