Someone Bought This: WCW Nitro Fragrances For Men cologne promotional t-shirt

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WCW Nitro Fragrances Cologne T-shirt

Crapper Pete Staiano found this WCW Nitro Fragrances cologne promotional t-shirt and sent the link my way.

In 1999 WCW commissioned “WCW Nitro Cologne” (which we’ve covered here before) and “WCW Nitro Perfume” and this t-shirt was somehow used as a promotional tool to promote the cologne.

I’m not exactly sure who was supposed to wear this. Employees at WCW events? People working in department stores and discount stores selling the cologne? I don’t quite get it…

Thanks for alerting me to this one, Pete!

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WCW Nitro Fragrances For Men cologne promotional t-shirt"
  1. RhineStoneCowboy says:

    Maybe Madusa was suppose to sport one of these shirts after she got her balloony boob job.

  2. John says:

    Ahhhhh the scent of Konnan’s baggy pants after a 12 minute match with Disco Inferno. Or how about this, you’ll smell just like Mark Madden after a 3 hour broadcast under the hot lights.

  3. AxeGiant:WrathofPaulBunyan says:

    Scent of Shiavone.

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