Someone Bought This: WCW Alex Wright toy car

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WCW Alex Wright Car

Oh boy, it’s a WCW Alex Wright toy car!

Really, how much crossover could there be between Alex Wright fans, racing fans, and toy car collectors? That’s a pretty specific demographic they’re targeting with this thing.

This is more like the kind of toy your Grandma or Aunt whom you only see once a year buys you for Christmas because she vaguely knows you like wrestling, and hey; that’s a wrestler on the front, and all boys like cars, and it’s just $4.99 on Clearance at Toys ‘R Us (right next to the Gymini Twins tag team pack), and she really has to get home to catch the end of Matlock…

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6 Responses to "Someone Bought This: WCW Alex Wright toy car"
  1. bret_owen99 says:

    hehe, I have the Psycosis one

  2. Peter says:

    What does that say, 1 of 19,998? I’m guessing because it was made in 1998? How odd. Then again, it is a WCW diecast car of Alex freaking Wright.

  3. Das Wunderkind says:

    I owned that car & many other WCW cars sadly.

  4. MisterSpiffy says:

    I owned that one and a gold one of goldburg and couple other ones too

  5. TMS says:

    1 of 19,998 doesn’t seem that odd. There were about that many guys in WCW at the time (most of who were probably paid to sit at home and not actually wrestle).

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Ha! It’s kind of amazing how may guys they had on the roster in the late 90’s- something like 200 wrestlers.

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