Someone Bought This: The WWF Travel Club- endorsed by Tammy!

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WWF Travel Club

I was reading this blog review of the January 1998 Raw Magazine and I came across this ad for the WWF Travel Club.

Check out that sweet list of perks! You can even climb aboard the WrestleVessel cruise ship!

I wonder if people who joined this ever actually got even 1/3rd of the stuff that was promised?

Oh well, at least Tammy thinks it’s a good deal. She seems like someone who’s a good judge of what to do with one’s money.! I bet that URL’s not taken!

And I can be a V.I.P and hang with her! WHOOHOO!

These days you have to pay money to “hang” with her on Skype (Ew…).

Apparently, this is what a WWF Travel Club member looks like:

WWF Travel Club 2

This is like what would happen if WrestleCrap Radio’s Nathaniel went into his Transformation Machine like Urkel and turned into a normal teenager who was still just as big of a mark as usual.

(By the way Mr. Public, that Shawn Michaels’ shirt is meant for girls. Just saying…).

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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: The WWF Travel Club- endorsed by Tammy!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    Who left the goddamn Tamtrrolla on?

  2. Doc 902714 says:

    That poor schlub at the bottom makes himself an easy target for a robber or a pickpocket.

  3. Chris Skoyles says:

    Just scrolling through Wrestlecrap and spot something that looks familiar – then I realise it’s from my blog 🙂 Thanks for that!

  4. AdamX says:

    Kind of explains why they turned down Jericho’s cruise…

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