Someone Bought This: The very first WrestleCrap dessert?

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I was browsing around The Official MoonPie Site (yes, such a thing exists).

I saaw that they have a feature called “My MoonPie” where you can make and order a customized MoonPie box with any photo you want on the box filled with those delicious, delectable treats!

The idea is for you to use a photo of you, or your friends, or your family or your proctologist or whatever.

But of course I had something else in mind… (click on the box to see a bigger version)

Max Moon MoonPie box

Yes, it’s the Max Moon MoonPie!

Ain’t she a beaut?!! I bet that URL’s not taken…

It’s nice to see that ol’ Max is finally getting his just desserts.

If you want one of your very own, you can make and order one today!

Here’s the photo of Max that I used to make the box

Max Moon MoonPie photo

…just in case any of you Crappers actually want to make and order your own Max Moon MoonPies box.

I’d love to see one of you Crappers actually make this box.

It would make for a fine and suitable piece for anyone’s wrestling collection.- plus you’d get to eat the MoonPies!

How can you go wrong with this?!

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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: The very first WrestleCrap dessert?"
  1. John C says:

    It’s a tough decision to make either the Paul Diamond one or Konnan. How about Rex or Spot…The Moonpies, I mean Moondogs.

  2. Hardcore Dummy says:

    Perhaps someone should tell CM Punk about this. Then he would finally get those Ice creams he promised.

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  4. Jordan Mishkin says:


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