Someone Bought This: The TNA DVD Board Game is just as much fun as watching TNA Impact- wait, come back!

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TNA DVD Board Game

From 2009, it’s the official TNA DVD Board Game!

Here’s the official description straight from The Wrestling Superstore:


Enter the world of TNA Wrestling and climb your way to the top by winning all of the TNA Championship Belts!

Along the way you’ll hire TNA Stars & Knockouts as you create your own TNA Star and become the best in the industry.

The game features authentic video footage, photos of TNA Stars & Knockouts, voiceover by Don West and unlimited game play.

Components –
Game Board, Playing Pawns, TNA Cash, TNA Star Cards, TNA Knockout Cards, 6-Sided Dice, 12-Sided Die, DVD, TNA Create-a-Star Notepad, Championship Belts/Tokens.

Playing time –
2 players (30-45 minutes) 3-4 players (60-90 minutes).

Ages 10+, 2-4 Players, Unlimited Gameplay, DVD – NTSC (All Regions)

Whoa, nelly!

It comes with a 6-sided dice, a 12 sided die, AND it’s hosted by Don “GEM MINT 10!” West?

Take my money now, TNA!

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11 Responses to "Someone Bought This: The TNA DVD Board Game is just as much fun as watching TNA Impact- wait, come back!"
  1. Alexandru says:

    This looks as confusing as one of TNA’s ridiculously overbooked matches

  2. Alexandru says:

    Also I know the game’s 5 years old. But still it’s funny only 2 of the 5 marquee names on the box are no longer with the company (with Angle leaving soon).

  3. bard says:

    This thing has been on clearance forever over at tanga. Been so tempted to buy it to see how bad it is.

  4. Mister Forth says:

    Man is it depressing to look at the cover knowing how some of them departed.

  5. Redsox4life says:

    I’m willing to bet that Booker T refused to lose matches on this game as well.

  6. Boz says:

    A ‘bored’ game if ever I saw one.

  7. the14thlistener says:

    A game of this would be a must for the notional Wrestlecrap Carnival. It should be filmed with Nathaniel, Johnny Six, David Lee-Roth and Peter Gazer as players.

    Also the game needs an update with a four-sided die replacing the six-sided die. Unless you’re playing at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

  8. Jinx says:

    Haha wow, since I’ve bought the WWE DVD Board Games, I guess I should buy this to complete the wrestling DVD board game collection. Probably won’t ever play it… but what the hell.

  9. Drew says:

    Halfway through the game, three of your cards leave for WWE.

  10. J says:

    Judging by your comment i take it your not a TNA fan Paul

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