Someone Bought This: The Thing’s gimmick looks familiar…

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The Fantastic Four The Thing wrestling comic book

Crapper Paul S. writes:

So in the new Guardians of Infinity comic there’s a short back-up story in which the Thing and Rocket Raccoon end up on a planet that’s obsessed with Pro Wrestling. As luck would have it The Thing was actually a pro-wrestler back in the 80s so he’s kind of a big deal there. Anyway you can buy the book on Comixology.

The excellent WCW Worldwide blog has a few pages from the book where the Thing’s costume and promo-style look… familiar.

Well, it’s a lot better than the latest Fantastic Four movie, that’s for sure…

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  1. John C says:

    How about The Fantastic 4 vs The Four Horsemen. The losing team has to star in a Fantastic 4 movie.

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