Someone Bought This: The greatest DVD cover to ever feature a wrestler

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The Rock Sean Connery Vs. The Cock bootleg DVD cover

From the blog (er, make that “brog”) I give you an Asian bootleg compilation DVD featuring The Rock on the cover which they decided to call.. well, you see it up there!

What; did Vince Russo move to China and start making up bootleg DVD titles or something?!

I hope this title doesn’t give those porn parody movie producers any ideas…

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11 Responses to "Someone Bought This: The greatest DVD cover to ever feature a wrestler"
  1. Rose Harmon says:

    I used to live in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles. There are so many pics that I could have submitted to

  2. 80's Guy says:

    No. Comment. Needed.

  3. Down With OPC says:

    I see no error on that cover.

  4. John says:

    I guess they made a real boner on that cover.

  5. CBCB says:

    Gussy it up however you want, Trebek, but if this DVD works, I’ll order a dozen.

  6. Sean Bateman says:

    I want this!!!

  7. Brad says:

    well….his last name IS Johnson….

  8. Matt Soileau says:

    The Cock vs Val Venis could have headlined the Mania in 99. Whichever one it was. 15?

    • John says:

      Yes #15. And they could have made the match stipulation the loser gets his “Pee Pee chopped off” with Lorena Bobbit as the special guest ring announcer.

  9. FormerlyFromTokyo says:

    I’m more staring at the “48 in 1.”

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