Someone Bought This: Tatanka! Tie-Dye!

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WWF Tatanka tie-dye shirt

It’s a tie-dye (?!) Tatanka shirt!

It seems really weird that there’s a tie-dye shirt for Tatanka of all people. Is he secretly a hippie Indian?

Aren’t tie-dye shirts supposed to be vibrant and colorful?

You know, like this one!

Dude Love promotional photo

Tatiana’s Tie-Dye shirt is just sad and boring!

Between the black and white picture of Tatanka and the muted, dark colors, this is the most depressing tie-dye shirt I’ve ever seen.

Tatanka! Downer!

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3 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Tatanka! Tie-Dye!"
  1. Paul R. from Spook Central: The Ghostbusters Companion says:

    I would never would have thought that “split pea soup vomit” could be a tie dye shirt color, but I am now proven wrong.

  2. Doc 902714 says:

    Tatanka! Buffalo! Downer!

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