Someone Bought This: Ric Flair autographed South Carolina lottery t-shirt and voided lottery tickets

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Ric Flair Lottery shirt

If you poke around Ric Flair’s official website, you’ll see he has an online store where you can buy all kinds of Ric Flair stuff like a $30,000 customized robe (!), and also this t-shirt promoting Ric Flair South Carolina lottery tickets! 

And look, you can get it autographed for an additional $30! Ric Flair Lottery shirt price description

But wait! There’s more!

You can also buy a fine variety of signed, voided Ric Flair South Carolina lottery tickets!

Why is Ric promoting the South Carolina lottery instead of the North Carolina one?

I don’t know…

But you’d better check out his store and buy this shirt and some other stuff too!

Those alimony payments to all his ex-wives have to come from somewhere!

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8 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Ric Flair autographed South Carolina lottery t-shirt and voided lottery tickets"
  1. John C says:

    I think the autographed baseball on his site is just as funny. Did I miss his great MLB career somehow? You wonder if he Ric just walks around and picks up random items, signs it and throws it up on the site to see if someone will buy it. “WOOOOOO, I’m a segway riding, economy class flying, alimony denying, hotel robe stealing son of a gun.”

  2. Sir Cheese says:

    As a resident of South Carolina (who often forgets that he is watching pre-recorded TV on TV on a delay because of DVR), I had to suffer through the television commercials for the Ric Flair scratch offs. They were brutal, and it was sad to see a bona fide legend of the wrestling business doing these poorly produced commercials. He has also done some commercials for some local fly-by-night car insurance companies and some local payday/predatory lenders (IRONY!), which are equally as cringe worthy.

    Also, good point about Flair promoting the South Carolina lottery instead of the NC lottery. All I can tell you about that is that Flair lives in Charlotte which is only like 10 miles from the SC state line, and he is a HUGE fan of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and goes to a lot of the home football games in Columbia (which is like an hour and fifteen minutes from Charlotte). Plus, I have always heard that he liked wrestling in Greenville and Columbia, so maybe he has a soft spot for SC.

    I thought that it would have been great if the lottery folks could have gotten Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young (who both lived in the Columbia area) to do the lottery commercials. Now there’s a scratch off lottery ticket I can get behind!

  3. Mister Forth says:

    There’s no game for Ricky Martel, not the Road Warriors, not the Freebirds, not the Road Warriors.

  4. Alexandru says:

    Yeah Flair hawking stuff because he spent all his money on booze, and overpriced clothing is just truly sad. Also I imagine paying for alimony does suck (alimony should be abolished), Flair has no one to blame but himself for that too. It’s called a pre-nup

  5. Guestth says:

    South Carolina “education lottery” something about that doesn’t look right.

  6. 80's Guy says:

    Alimony is a joke. In these days of equal rights, it’s outdated and antiquated. These women hook up with other guys who shell out more money to them anyway, or they can go out and get a job themselves.

    No reason for people to continue to provide a lifestyle for somebody they aren’t involved with anymore, anyway.

    • The King says:

      You do realize that in most places in America, spousal support is irrespective of gender, right? Or is actually looking up a law too much effort and so you’d rather complain about something you really don’t know anything about?

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