Someone Bought This: Pro Wrestling Illustrated issue is outdated before it hits newsstands.

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated WCW Ultimate Warrior January 1999

From the WCW Worldwide blog comes this issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

The Ultimate Warrior made his last WCW appearance on November 8th, 1998.

This issue hit news stands in January 1999.


“Can today’s fans accept The Warrior’s creed?”.

Apparently they couldn’t!

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16 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Pro Wrestling Illustrated issue is outdated before it hits newsstands."
  1. John C says:

    Is the one opponent that Goldberg couldn’t handle either a taser, windshield or an ego driven Kevin Nash. I’m shocked only $2.95 an issue in ’98 it seems like it would have been in the $5 range at that point. The ad on this page for the last Survivor Series DVD lists Justin Gabriel’s name as the first star on it, hilarious.

  2. Black Swagger says:

    I collect old PWI’s! I gotta find this one!

  3. Mortuary Matt says:

    To be fair, I think magazine’s print the month on the magazine about 2-3 months out, so this issue was probably from oct/nov 98.
    Regardless, it is lame. Should have been a holographic cover shaped like a mirror, and then you see Warriors reflection in it when you move it around. Everyone at newsstands would have looked at you strangely because you’d be the only one that could see it.

    • Down With OPC says:

      Actually everyone would probably have had no trouble seeing it. The only person who wouldn’t be able to see it would be Eric Bischoff.

  4. the14thListener says:

    What are the Consequences of accepting the Warrior’s Creed?

  5. Smapti says:

    …Is it just me, or does it really look like Warrior had just wet himself in that photo?

  6. Andre R. says:

    They did this in ’96 too ya know. The cover with Shawn and his kinda weird hair at the time with the caption “Is Shawn Michaels leaving the WWF?”. I dont remember the cover date, but meanwhile in real life he had become world champion at WM XII. Oops! (And aren’t PWI cover dates all screwy anyway? I always wondered about that, why they were always so behind and out of date.)

  7. Brad says:

    The one opponent Goldberg CAN’T handle. The windshield of a limo apparently

  8. Brad says:

    I bet this was a big seller for that Chyna centerfold.

  9. AdamX says:

    *just scrolled back up to check Warrior crotch for alleged wetspot*

    I hate the internet sometimes.

    *disappears in a puff of smoke and properly hinged trap door*

  10. Mister Forth says:

    Self-analyzing wrestlers can lead to too many guaranteed contracts.

  11. ChrisV says:

    I believe magazines put a date so far in the future is to try to make stores hold on to copies longer. If it’s dated November and comes out in November, stores would remove it from the shelf by the end of the month. If you date it for January when it comes out in November, the stores can hold it on the shelf for a few months, even if it’s an old issue. It works something like that.

    This was just how it was in the pre-internet days. Print mediums were always far behind. I remember waiting months to get PPV results in WWF Magazine. You’d get the results two or three months after the event. It was torture.
    Sure, you’d figure out the big matches while watching the TV show, but still…
    Now, you can get minute by minute updates on countless websites.

    Also, yeah, it did seem like PWI’s prices got outrageous!

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