Someone Bought This: NWO Scott Hall race car toy

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WCW NWO Scott Hall racing race car toy

Look what I found on Amazon- an NWO Scott Hall race car toy!

Check out the drippy paint job on that car- it looks like Big Bird took a big dump on the hood!

There’s just something about a Scott Hall themed race car that seems… not quite right.

And I’ll ask again- what kind of crossover is there likely to be between race car fans, toy collectors, and WCW/NWO fans?

That’s quite a specific demographic they’re aiming for with this thing!

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5 Responses to "Someone Bought This: NWO Scott Hall race car toy"
  1. Drew says:

    Say hello to the bad guy. Say no thanks to his car.

  2. John C says:

    Considering where it looked like Scott was headed at that point, really bad idea. It could’ve been the equivalent of Crockett coming out with a Magnum T.A. race car set. I think the demographic they were looking for is someone who wanted Thunder to be a four hour show.

  3. Luchaporn says:

    No lie I remember these things being at Roses when I was a kid.
    Bought a Bret Hart and an Eddie Guerrero one…but that’s after they were marked down and sold for like $1.

  4. Vincent B says:

    I used to get these WCW cars as a kid, I collected toy cars and knew at least a little bit of WCW (despite being six years old) so my mom would get them for me. Unfortunately pretty much all of the ones I used to have are gone, but I did get Sting and DDP cars at a yard sale a while ago.

  5. Mister Forth says:

    The dripping look doesn’t always work.

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