Someone Bought This: New Johnny B. Badd “I’m A Badd Man” shirt

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WCW Johnny B. Badd shirt

In celebration of our latest induction (the Johnny B. Badd Vs. Scotty Flamingo Boxing Match!)

This isn’t a vintage WCW Johnny B. Badd t-shirt, it’s a newly-produced t-shirt that you can buy right here! 

WrestleCrap isn’t affiliated with the people who make/sell this shirt. I just thought it was so cool (and topical!) that I had to share it.

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4 Responses to "Someone Bought This: New Johnny B. Badd “I’m A Badd Man” shirt"
  1. Anonymous says:


  2. John C says:

    “I’m so pretty I should have been born a little girl.”
    I liked the character so much as a heel it really stunk when they made him a face so quickly.

  3. Drew B says:

    Big fan of the knockoff shirts sold at Barber Shop Window and Red Bubble

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