Someone Bought This: Light up your life with the Wyatt Family lantern

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Wyatt Family Lantern

I like this Wyatt Family lantern because unlike most wrestling merchandise, it has a practical use if the power goes out.

It’s also useful if you’re at a WWE show and The Undertaker is coming out in the dark arena and you want to avoid spilling hot nacho cheese from a chip all over your tender crotch region.

Or you can have fun pretending to blow out the LED light just like Bray Wyatt does!

It’s endless hours of fun for everyone!

Follow the buzzards… to great savings at Menards!

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8 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Light up your life with the Wyatt Family lantern"
  1. Preparation Triple H says:

    Everybody sing: “SAVE BIG MONEY AT MENARDS!”

  2. John says:

    Ironically you can know use it to follow the buzzards on Daniel Bryan’s push. 3 cheers for that fresh upstart Big Show finally getting a main event spot I remember why it’s been years since I’ve watched a full Raw or Smackdown.

    • Noel Frey says:

      Don’t you also love how Big Show is stealing DB’s heat with the “Yes” chants?

    • Hunter says:

      How do you know how this has been playing out if it’s “been years since you’ve watched a full Raw or Smackdown?” You can’t judge their performance based on recaps and spoilers. But ZOMG they’re totally burying Bryan! He’ll be totally unover and never be in the main event just like CM Punk!!!!11

      Honestly I think multiple updates a day is starting to run this website dry. WWE is the best it’s been in years, but apparently everything that has ever happened can now be considered Wrestlecrap.

      • John says:

        I use mystical devices like VCR’s to tape a show and see what’s interesting on a show, that way magically I can take a 3 hour snoozefest and turn it into 25 minutes of fun. And I’m sorry Mr. Levesque for impugning on your fine televised broadcasts. Now if I have to cheer myself up with a Iron Mike Sharpe-Jose Luis Rivera ’86 match.

  3. Mr Maddog says:

    It looks like a blender when it’s off, still more useful than a Hulk Hogan Thundermixer…

  4. I am fascinated by how Bray Wyatt blows out an LED light. Probably a side effect of not being wired properly.

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