Someone Bought This: Kurrgan… before he was Kurrgan

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Kurrgan Robert Maillet City Of Bones Trading Card

Crapper Douglas Corti writes:

I bet you think I only bought old NWA cards of wrestlers. Nope! I also try and hunt down cards of wrestlers from non-wrestling sets. Usually that means football cards, but I believe that is nothing crappy about a 1967 Wahoo McDaniel.

Here’s an autograph of Robert Maillet from a City of Bones set. I know nothing of City of Bones.

But I do remember than Maillet is former
Oddity/Truth Commission guy Kurrgan. And there’s your WC alum!

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12 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Kurrgan… before he was Kurrgan"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    and this Kurrgan knocked out Iron Man in Victorian Era London.

  2. Jimbolian says:

    Kurrgan: 4th Member of The Shield

  3. Geoff says:

    So it’s Kurrgan? I always thought there was an I in there somewhere. Kurr i gan.

  4. The Doctor of Style says:

    Oops, this post’s title should be “Kurrgan after he was Kurrgan,” not before! Apparently Mortal Instruments is a 2013 movie.

    Kurrgan’s film career includes a fight scene with Robert Downey Jr., in Downey’s first Sherlock Holmes movie.

  5. 80's Guy says:

    Hah! On Ebay. I’m totally snagging this.

  6. Big Booty Step Daddy says:

    He was also in Pacific Rim and played Frankenstein’s Monster in the wrestling horror movie Monster Brawl. the movie is an odd mixture of kinda cool and kinda lame but he makes a good monster. it also features Kevin Nash and Jimmy Hart

    dude was seriously misused in the WWE. but that pic is messed up. looks like a Bizarro Seth Rollins.

  7. NapierRapier says:

    He was also the giant that fought Leonidas in 300. Come to think of it, I think that was discussed on a Wrestlecrap Radio episode when the movie was in production. They speculated it was a bowling movie.

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