Someone Bought This: John Cena Silly Bandz

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John Cena Silly Bandz

Here are some John Cena Silly Bandz.

Loyal Crapper Chris Morgan writes:

John Cena Silly Bandz make sense. Kids love John Cena. Kids love things than transform. So why wouldn’t they enjoy these cheap plastic bracelets, even if one of them looks a lot like the Chevrolet logo. However, what is interesting is the Amazon page I found these on. It contains two images. One is a photo of the product. The other is a picture of people on a gondola ride. The mind boggles.

Thanks for another great submission, Chris! Always appreciated!

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2 Responses to "Someone Bought This: John Cena Silly Bandz"
  1. Guy LeDouche says:

    I’ve actually had a pack of these for about three years now. It has CM Punk, Undertaker and John Morrison in it. And a random table.

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