Someone Bought This: John Cena lawn gnomes

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John Cena Lawn Gnomes


Crapper Zane Pasley sent in this John Cena Garden Gnomes. You might the able to still find them on the WWE Shop website.

They get 100 points for creativity, minus 10,000 points for creepiness.

Snow White would be so disappointed that her dwarf friends are all Cena marks.

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20 Responses to "Someone Bought This: John Cena lawn gnomes"
  1. Anonymous says:

    lol wat

  2. John says:

    No way anyone that’s as old as those gnomes would be cheering for Cena.

  3. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I have been overcome with the urge to go out and buy an air rifle…

  4. BaltoJim says:

    I was wondering whatever happened to the rest of the Spirit Squad (besides Nicky, of course)…

  5. CarlMarksGuy says:

    What with the sagging bosom, lipstick, and skills on the mic, I’m pretty sure the green gnome is Stunt Granny wearing a fake beard.

  6. demian damage says:

    … I actually have the CM Punk gnomes…

  7. Bobholly138 says:

    A friend just ordered that set for me for my birthday!

  8. Jack Mehoff says:

    I want a Mark Henry lawn jockey.

  9. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Let’s play the glad game – I’m glad no one has come up with the concept of WWE sex dolls…

    • JP says:

      Right now I really hope no one in the WWE read that.

      • Thomas Moffatt says:

        And it wouldn’t be anyone you wouldn’t mind doing the horizontal monster mash with like Kaitlyn or Paige… probably NIpple H or someone equally as annoying…

  10. bret_owen99 says:

    I remember when the Rock did the promo on Cena merchandise. He grabbed the lawn gnome, looked at it, and said “what 4th level of Hell did this come from?”.

  11. DrewVonAwesome says:

    The CM Punk one is worst… because when I think CM Punk… I think of Gardens…

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