Someone Bought This: Hollywood Hogan face mug

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Hollywood Hulk Hogan face mug

Crapper Ben writes:

Why WOULD someone drink out of this? Proof that you have finally taken down an immortal?

I dunno… Maybe someone who wants to pretend that Hulk Hogan’s head is full of delicious Hot Cocoa?

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9 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Hollywood Hogan face mug"
  1. Mav says:

    Perhaps worst of all, the headline on this lovely product says, “It’s a mug.”

    WCW really took copywriting to new heights.

    Where the big boys play.

    Rules and bones are made to be broken.

    It’s a mug.

    That voice changer device that Ole Anderson liked so much? If only Acme made an ad copy version. They needed it.

  2. AK says:

    I’m glad they cleared it up but stating that thing is a Mug.

    I mean it is Hogan’s face, and mug is a slang term for unappealing face so maybe they were onto something with this product.

    I am also curious to know what it says on that white sticker thing on the side of his beard. Imagine if Hogan walked around with that during his NWO prime. I think that was a missed opportunity for sure.

  3. John C says:

    “Don’t you dare take that coffee black, brother!!!!!!!”

  4. Vealchop says:

    So let me get this straight. You’re saying this is a mug right?

  5. Sean Bateman says:

    Anything but black coffee comes in my head, brother

  6. J says:

    Didn’t Macho Man also have a face mug Beacuse I could of swore that I saw a macho man one of thoses

  7. John C says:

    Lex Luger had one but it came after he was arrested and was photographed (a mug shot).

  8. Lee W. says:

    Never has a Duffman quote been more apt “That’s one mug you don’t wanna chug”

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