Someone Bought This: His Highness King Duggan immortalized on the cover of WWF Magazine

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WWF Magazine September 1989 King Hacksaw Jim Duggan

On May 13th, 1989 “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan defeated Haku (who would no longer come with crown) to become the true King of the WWF!

WWF Magazine celebrated this a few months later by putting Good King Duggan on the cover of the September 1989 issue!

As Mr. B. Natural would say; “He’s a Happy King!”.

He looks like the kind of King who knows how to throw a good party, doesn’t he?

You’ve never seen a happier King in your life, tough guy!


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20 Responses to "Someone Bought This: His Highness King Duggan immortalized on the cover of WWF Magazine"
  1. Thomas says:

    Wow, a Mr. B. Natural reference. Just…wow.

  2. harry beaver says:

    When i see that picture i see happy but as William Regal would say it’s more like “Window Licker” happy. If you catch my drift.

  3. Andre R. says:

    I met him at a convention and he’s a really nice guy. I wish you guys would stop raggin’ on him. Surely there are several other people in the buisness who are more deserving of your mockery and scorn?

    • harry beaver says:

      Im not knocking the guy. I loved his work in the ring. But he looks like he should be riding the short bus in that picture.

    • CP says:

      I don’t doubt you, Andre…but ya gotta admit, that’s just way too easy a pose to avoid laughing at.

      It’s all in fun. Hell, Hacksaw beat cancer. For that alone he’s awesome.

  4. John C says:

    It was at that moment Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds realized he found his long lost twin brother Hoogre. The real gem on the cover is the meet The Widow Maker top right hand corner note. Being the mark of all marks for Barry Windham I hated that name and was really peeved that the second go around in the Fed was such a big zero. The cover actually sums up my feelings about it quite nicely.

  5. kmtown says:

    That’s how he looks after taking a ride with the Iron Sheik.

  6. Jordan Mishkin says:

    I still have this.

  7. Alexandru says:

    That picture is just great, Jim was hamming it up big time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Duggan had one of the most likable personas of any wrestler in history.

  9. Brad says:

    Apparently Bad News Brown hated wrestling Hacksaw, not because he had any issue with him personally but he had a really hard time keeping in character and not cracking up laughing at Hacksaw lol

  10. Saint Stryfe (@saintstryfe) says:

    What’s more fun is he’s doing the EXACT same gimmick 35 years after this, and he’s STILL entertaining. Went to a local show that had Hogan and Piper, a half dozen newer guys, lots of local guys and the single guy I liked seeing the most? Hacksaw. He’s still entertaining after all these years.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Yeah, I’m a sucker for Hacksaw’s schtick. I especially like when he throws his 2×4 up in the air and catches it one handed.

  11. Scrooge McSuck says:

    By the time this issue hit the stands (listed as September, so probably came out the second Tuesday of August), he was a month away from losing it…. I’m bored.

  12. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    I just saw him recently on an episode of Duck Dynasty. Episode is quite touching actually. Hacksaw ends up wrestling at their family reunion for guys daughter as pre surgery request. Great hearing them say Hacksaw was there favorite wrestler. Also in a hamburger cook off episode, when asked to borrow a spatula Jayse ask’s “Would Hacksaw lone King Kong Bundy his 2×4? “. Lmao

  13. George from Dudleyville NY says:

    Agreed 100% about Duggan. Not to be slanderous but it true. I went to an autograph signing about 12-13 years ago. I met Ed “Brutus Beefcake” Leslie and Superfly Jimmy Snuka. I believe also Rocco Rock but not sure. Point is Snuka hit on my mother and then proceeded to take a “10 minute break”. Which consisted of a special white substance 80’s wrestlers survived on. Teenage fan was semi-crushed from that experience.

  14. AK says:

    I too met Jim Duggan at a Wrestling event a few years ago. There were a couple of other guys there, namely King Kong Bundy and Jim Neidhart.

    Duggan signed my old action figure, which led to a funny exchange with Bundy after Duggan said he hadn’t seen one of them in a long time. Bundy’s reply was something along the lines of, “you have 6 of these on display in your house”. He also signed one of his 8x10s for me.

    The cost for all of this? Nothing, he did it for free. Like others have already mentioned, he was totally in character and super nice.

    Bundy was cool too but he wasn’t giving away freebies (outside of headlocks when taking pictures).
    Jim on the other hand was crusty and charging more than anyone else there. Although to be fair, a couple of people poked fun asking if he could get Bret Hart to sign things for them instead.

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