Someone Bought This: Here’s your chance to punch Hulk Hogan right in the face!

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TNA Hulk Hogan bop bagHave you ever wanted to punch Hulk Hogan right in his stupid face?

Sure, we all have!

Now you have your chance with this TNA Hulk Hogan bop bag!

Pretend you’re Randy Savage circa 1989 and beat Hulk Hogan into a pulp in a jealous rage when you have paranoid delusions about him stealing “your” Miss Elizabeth!

Or you could pretend that you’re Little Mac and Hulk is Glass Joe.

Doc says “Buy The WrestleCrap Archives today, Mac!” (we promise it’s way cooler than the Nintendo Fun Club).

Or just get revenge on Hulk for holding down your favorite wrestler (if you have a favorite wrestler, odds are pretty good that Hulk held him down and some point).

Buy one today and help support WrestleCrap in the process.

Because it’s your duty as a wrestling fan and as a Crapper to take out all your aggressions on Hulk Hogan (or an inflated facsimile of him, anyway).

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15 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Here’s your chance to punch Hulk Hogan right in the face!"
  1. CBCB says:

    An inflatable Hulk Hogan…

    *waits for the Ed Leslie jokes to begin*

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      What are you implying? 😉

    • John says:

      Alright since you insist, the scene begins as a tired looking Ed Leslie returns to his trailer after a long days work. “Honey, I’m home”, Ed yells out to a figure hidden in the shadows. Ed turns the lights on and we see the blow up version of Hulk next to the plastic chair version of Hulk next to a mannequin wearing the “Sexy” Hulk costume. “Oh what a day at the salon I couldn’t wait to just get my struttin’ & cuttin’ over with. Oh well to paraphrase that poet The Godfather, Barbering ain’t easy.” Ed then laughed out loud to himself and dimmed the trailer lights. He then turned on his tiny black & white tv and watched the Summer Slam ’89 main event repeatedly until he passed out. Camera fades to black.

  2. AK says:

    He came in like a wrecking ballllllllllll!

    Sorry if I have that ghastly image of him spoofing Miley Cyrus in my head from this, you all must have it too.

  3. Walt says:

    Hulk has me conflicted. I loved the character he portrayed in the 80’s. I play WWE All Stars so I can play his character. He has charisma and is a legend. Contrary to what many believe, he could actually wrestle. He’s no Fujinami, Fujiwara or Takada, but in Japan he wasn’t the droppin the big leg and posing. In Japan he wrestled. Thanks to YouTube I also like his Sterling Golden character.

    BUT he has shown himself to be so egotistical, insecure and full of himself. For the life of me I can’t ever figure out why losing clean to Ric Flair was impossible for him. Not just Ric Flair, why couldn’t he ever lose clean? It wouldn’t have hurt him. The only clean loss I can remember is to Warrior.

    Maybe I will buy this…um, no…think I’ll fire up All-Stars and hit the Perfect-plex on Hogan.

    • Matt Soileau says:

      I do recall him hitting a suplex or two in WCW…

    • ScMcS says:

      It’s amazing how many people over the years have whined about not wanting to lose a scripted fight.

    • Jeremy says:

      He lost clean to the Rock at WrestleMania X8, tapped out to Kurt Angle’s anklelock at King of the Ring and passed out in Brock Lesnar’s bearhug, all in 2002, which was a banner year for Hogan putting people over. Sure he beat Triple H for the title (but who can really complain too much about that?), then lost it the following month to one of the weakest chokeslams the Undertaker has ever delivered, but he has lost clean since 1990, just not that often.

    • 80's Guy says:

      I’m sorry, but I looked up Hogan in Japan since that’s all I ever hear when people defend him, and he was no better.

      People seem to commend his Japan work, but all I saw was the same old Hogan garbage, with the exception of an extra move or two and a little bit longer of match. Nothing spectacular in the least.

  4. BrianKraemer says:

    I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of Five Below, but they sell these for $5 there.


  5. Big wiggle says:

    I just tried to watch the hhh hogan match because id never seen it before. It was way to fast paced for me to keep up with.

  6. Thomas Moffatt says:

    WWE should do some – Michael Cole and Nipple H…

  7. Al Lobama says:

    “Pretend you’re Randy Savage circa 1989 and beat Hulk Hogan into a pulp in a jealous rage when you have paranoid delusions about him stealing “your” Miss Elizabeth!”

    Hell, you can pretend your Randy Savage circa days before WrestleMania IX! At least then you’ll leave a mark!

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