Someone Bought This: Finally you can throw your sticky balls right at Hulk Hogan’s face!

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Hulk Hogan Safety Target Set Game

Yes, you can do just that thanks to the miracle of velcro, and the Hulk Hogan Safety Target Set.

Oh sure, it’s not as rewarding as lobbing a sharp-tipped dart at Hulk’s forehead, but I guess this is okay, too…

And check out Hulk’s forehead! Yes ladies, finally, we have proof that Hulk is in fact a “10”! Ooh la-la!

Actually, it’s more fun to just pretend that Hulk is just involved in a weird cult that requires him to get a 10 enclosed in a circle tattooed on his forehead.


Eh, The Stonecutters were cooler, anyway…

I’m picturing Hulk’s ex-wife Linda spending endless hours playing this game while chugging from a bottle of Jack Daniels, swearing loudly, and waiting for the next alimony check to come in.

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7 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Finally you can throw your sticky balls right at Hulk Hogan’s face!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    I don’t want by balls near Hulk’s mouth

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had a few of those things as a kid (though no wrestling themed ones). Those are actually pretty fun when you’re like 7. I haven’t used one in ages though, so I have no idea if they’re as amusing of a waste of time when you actually have other things to do.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      I’d have had a ball (pun intended) with it when I was a kid. Okay, I’d still have fun messing around with it today. 🙂

  3. Terrence says:

    That looks WAY to much like Kevin Sullivan

  4. John C says:

    Ed Leslie-balls near Hulk’s mouth do I need to even finish the joke. How about a game where after you hit the target you have to watch a Hogan match that equals the score. 0 points=Hogan-Warrior: Halloween Havoc ’98, 1-3 points=Zeus . Or do it with Hogan movies or tv shows.

  5. AK says:

    I do appreciate the fact that they watered the game down so that you can score 10 points by hitting Hogan presumably anywhere on his face. Unless its only 10 points for that little circle and 5 points everywhere else. Or is it 5 points anywhere else around Hogan’s face and probably minus 100 points if you actually hit anywhere on his face outside of the designated 10 spot.

    This confusing logic is something I expect out of a TNA toy.

    It’s too bad the 10 isn’t higher. I figure if Hogan had any input on this, he’d have placed the 10 higher up on his forehead. That’s where he blades best remember! Plus it is just a vast, open space asking to be pelted repeatedly.

    Also, they took liberties with Hogan’s hairstyle, seriously am I hitting the Hulkster or Brad Pitt with Hogan’s face?

    As an early 90s toy however, it probably holds up nicely today.

  6. Matt Soileau says:

    Has he ever had that much hair?

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