Someone Bought This: Coming soon- Booty O’s cereal (and a shirt, too!).

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WWE New Day Booty O's cereal and t-shirt F.Y.E

Oh yes!

The Official New Day Booty-O’s cereal is coming soon and you can pre-order it with a t-shirt at! It will also be available at F.Y.E stores (so no, you won’t find it on your next trip…. to the grocery!).

It comes out on August 5th and yes, it’s a box with real cereal in it!

WWE New Day Booty O's cereal box front and back

Not since the old Ralston WWF Superstars cereal has there been a WWE cereal!

I mean, sure it’s not going to be as tasty as that Good Friends cereal that R.D and Blade tried but I’m sure this stuff will be okay too…

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1 Response to "Someone Bought This: Coming soon- Booty O’s cereal (and a shirt, too!)."
  1. John C says:

    I will await and treasure this day like no other day on the calender, leap year included. And I will gaze upon my refrigator and scream as though I were in the great halls of Valhalla to the milk inside of it’s bosom and proclaim, “Don’t you dare be sour!!!!”

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