Someone Bought This: Classy WWF Hulk Hogan belt buckle

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WWF Hulk Hogan pewter belt buckle

It’s a WWF Hulk Hogan belt buckle. I think it’s made out of pewter.

I like this because it’s ridiculous and something only a 7 year old would wear, but it also looks kind of classy somehow.

Can you imagine going in for a job interview in your 40’s sporting this bad boy near your crotch?





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3 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Classy WWF Hulk Hogan belt buckle"
  1. Chris the Bambikiller says:

    Vince would hire you.

  2. John C says:

    Vince would prefer it to be called a Title Buckle instead.

  3. Demiglitch says:

    Looks less like Hogan, more like a horrible demon or The Phantom or something.

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