Someone Bought This: Buff Bagwell looks special. Maybe it’s Maybelline?

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WCW Buff Bagwell Buff shirt

Crapper Micah sent in this t-shirt with a very uh… unique picture of Buff Bagwell.

He’s wearing so much foundation that he reminds me of Doink The Clown’s clown white makeup for crying out loud!

Seriously, if Buff was wearing any more makeup he’d be a shoe-in finalist on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Even Johnny B. Badd would say “Ooo! Buff honey, that’s just too much!”.

Now, I’m not making any insinuations about Buff’s sexual preferences or anything, but when you look at him in that makeup, with those earrings, and that haircut and meticulously well-trimmed beard…

And then you remember he was in this tag-team…

Somewhere out there, Peter Gazer is just shaking his head and sighing.

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8 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Buff Bagwell looks special. Maybe it’s Maybelline?"
  1. Rob says:

    Wait…you mean you haven’t heard? I swear I thought this post was going to be about…

    Buff Bagwell, Male Gigolo.

    Plus it answers the question of his sexuality.

  2. Matt Soileau says:

    Looks kinda like George Michael.

  3. Formerly From Tokyo says:

    It’s the pouty expression and the lip gloss that gets me.

  4. 80's Guy says:

    His face looks contorted, he looks high, he looks like a special needs hillbilly from the movie Deliverance….

    If he was trying for “pouty and sultry” it clearly did not work, unless it’s for the local chapter of Barnyard Animal Lover’s Anonymous.

    Whoever saw this picture and thought it was a good idea to use for merch was either seriously mentally deficient, or they were ribbing the hell out of him.

    Yikes. Get it away, get it away…

  5. Greg says:

    WHY DUCK FACE, BUFF?!?! WHY????!?!?!

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