Someone Bought This: Be the coolest kid at the skate park with the WWF Hulk Hogan skateboard

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WWF Hulk Hogan skateboard top

WWF Hulk Hogan Skateboard bottom

Guess how much the seller on iOffer wants for this Hulk Hogan skateboard…

(Because when I think “Hulk Hogan” I immediately think of hot pink and other bright, vibrant colors…).

WWF Hulk Hogan skateboard iOffer screenshot


Buy it only if you’re a big Hulk Hogan fan who also loves skating!

Or if you’re Shane Douglas circa 1989.

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8 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Be the coolest kid at the skate park with the WWF Hulk Hogan skateboard"
  1. Hashington says:

    Cowabunga, brother!

  2. John C says:

    The sellers’ name is The Giant I wonder if that means he’ll be trying to sell a used monster truck at some point.

  3. 80's Guy says:

    More importantly, where the blue hell is the Meme Event?????!!

    • Jay (SFSC) Sanchez says:

      I agree, how am I supposed to look busy at work with no Meme Event, don’t they know that is the highlight to my week. (wow my life is sad)

  4. Jay (SFSC) Sanchez says:

    My buddies and I have a drinking game where we take a shot of whiskey everytime Granpa Hogan says brother, dude or jack in a promo, I am usually hammered by the first sentence though.

  5. AK says:

    My biggest complaint about this skateboard is the chosen colour scheme.

    It’s like they originally had it designed for Bret Hart, he took a look at it and passed allowing Hogan to swoop in without considering how ridiculous his image looked on said skateboard.

    Then again, Hogan DOES have some skateboarding experience so I can see why everyone involved desperately thought this could be marketable.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Would ride if I were into skating.

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